Personal & Color Stylist: Authentic Style & Colors for Women
I believe that Authentic Style and Colors can help you get back control over your life and bring changes. You are very special and it's time to show it!
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Release the colors


trapped within you!


Color has power!

Everything that surrounds you has its color. Each color has its symbolism and energy. Some colors affect your mood. Some colors create physical reactions. Some colors influence your decisions or help you build relationships with yourself and the environment.

Knowing the power of color, you can influence situations that happen in your life. Colors will help you express your emotions, send a clear message to the world, and show your true intentions.

Colors allow you to discover yourself from a different perspective! Your goals, dreams, visions, and emotions create your personality that can be represented by a specific color. All you need to do is find them…

That’s where I come in. I invite you on the journey towards your true colors. Together, we will find colors that will guide you through life.

You have everything you need to be happy and fullfield! My name is Magda and I ‘m here to show you, 

how good it feels to be yourself!