Find a second wind, and lead your life on the calm water of happiness
I can give you a new perspective on life. You are the dream of your ancestors and your chance for a happy life. Sail with me!
happiness, freedom, energy, intuition, meditation, true self, purpose, love
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Change your perspective on your limiting beliefs and conquer your fears with my guidance and support. Join me on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Lift the veil and start to create your ideal reality.

I used to feel so empty… Struggled to find passion and fulfillment in life. Couldn’t keep a job for longer than 3 years, feeling the constant need to run away.

Areas of my work:

fears, chronic stress, the lack of time (my time for myself), compulsions (shopping, drugs, alcohol, sport, trips, food, sex), eating disorders (also with teenagers), insomnia, blocked sexual energy, female and male energy, loneliness, powerless and lack of motivation to act, my relationship with mom and dad, inner critic, nothing makes me happy, boundaries, my professional path, my success, karmic lessons, soul integration, love that comes from freedom. 

Reconnect with your inner strength and your intuition with a holistic approach to healing