Intuitive Color Healer | You have the right to experience your energy
Thanks to empathy, intuition, and colors, I help find limitations and discover your inner voice. I search for colors that will help you in life.
intuition, love, emotions, limitations, surrender, energy
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 Imagine that your life is filled with love because you love yourself. Imagine that you trust yourself enough to make decisions based on your needs, not the needs of others. Imagine that you live in harmony with your nature and follow your passions. Is it even possible?

YES! You can make changes at any stage of your life!

You are a unique combination of emotions, talents, and skills that have shaped your heart since birth. Unfortunately, as you were growing up, social beliefs were implanted to you, as well as problems and fears of adults that effectively blocked the potential of your heart. With time, life began less and less surprising, and more and more overwhelming.

 Luckily, you get to choose how your life unfolds!

Let’s travel together

in the direction of your heart!

Passion, joy, love, and fulfillment can knock on your door again. And I am here to help you! My name is Magda, and I was in a similar situation two years ago. I was tired of my work, stressed by my life, and terrified by my passivity. I thought that I was useless. Today I work with people from all over the world and help them find true purpose in life. Your heart is waiting for you to hear it again, and I’ll be there to support every step of the way.

A few words from my clients: