5 ways to get rid of things you don’t wear… and change the world for the better. Seriously!

My dear, what a week! I started all the engines of my creativity. Today’s topic allows me to use my imagination. Especially if the case concerns such an important topic like a) your well-being, b) natural environment. We are talking about building a healthy habit that will accompany you for life. ❤

Regular closet cleaning is an activity we most often run away from. I know this feeling when you’re just looking for something else to do. Anything! Why? You feel overwhelmed with the number of things you need to get rid of (you know it won’t be just Aunt Irenka’s blouse). You’re also confused about what to do with them. Sell, give away, display in front of the garbage container?

All these activities seem time-consuming, and the attitude – I have to do it also doesn’t help get to work. So where to start? Change your attitude! You don’t HAVE to clean your closet.

You WANT to clean your closet.

For what reason? You may ask. Because clothes that are useless for you can:

  • bring a lot of joy to other women
  • make you new friends
  • spice up your social life
  • get another life and totally different energy
  • make someone else’s life better
  • help someone who struggle financially
  • have a beneficial effect on the environment

Isn’t this a beautiful perspective? To look beyond the tip of your nose and make it better not only for you but also for someone else? A perspective which motivates you to take action! You have the chance to introduce a whole new tradition to your life that will help you and our planet. Constant purchase of things is one of the banes of our time. If you’ll learn to manage and balance what you have, you’ll support nature that surrounds you.

At this point of writing, I assume that you already decided to clean out your closet and you put it on your priority with a special note – urgent 🙂 If you are not sure which clothes to let go, I recommend you to read my previous post about shopping: https://magdanetkowska.com/en/5-mistakes-to-avoid-when-shopping-for-clothes/

You can adapt this post to your current situation – what not to keep in your wardrobe 🙂 Remember, you have to let go of things you don’t wear! No matter how much you paid, it’s a waste of money. And always listen to your intuition. Your wardrobe is not a place for sentiments and hopes. Your wardrobe represents your character, power, and strength!

After you cleaned out your closet and you know which stuff you get rid of, it’s time for a decision – what next? Here is where 123% of my creativity comes in. Each solution will make at least 2 people happy, you and the new owner. A great beginning of a whole new story.

Idea No. 1 – sell your stuff.

Ok, I know it’s nor revealing, but let’s agree, it is a good way to recycle things. There are several ways to sell your clothes:

Free apps:

Depop – you have to create your account and write briefly about your style and stuff you’re selling. The app is very easy to use. You can also connect your PayPal account to make payment through the app. A huge plus!

Vinted – you register via a Facebook, Google account or directly in the app. You upload photos of the item along with descriptions and prices. Unfortunately, people can’t pay you through the app.

Less.today – you choose between a public account (you must go through internal verification) or a private account. After having your profile settled, you upload the photos of stuff along with prices. People can’t pay you through the app.

Online shops:

Chosen by – premium brands only. If you hide in your wardrobe pieces from Chloe, Hermes or Celine, it’s a place for you. Register as a seller, upload the pictures and you’re ready to sell! Your clothes will pass internal verification before closing the deal.

Remix Second Hand – a fast-growing platform with designer clothing. Make sure you check the list of brands they accept before you start uploading pictures. Use the internal calculator to see how much you can earn for each piece. It will give you a glimpse of how much you can earn. The shop makes an internal validation and a final valuation.

Sell in person:

Flea market – a type of street market where you can sell second-hand pieces. Every Major city is organizing one. I recommend Facebook, where you can find events located near your place.

Idea No. 2 – organize a party for your girlfriends.

So simple! You have stuff you need to get rid of and girlfriends that share the same values, sense of humor and attitude towards life. I’m sure they’ll find something for themselves! All you need to do is create an opportunity for you to meet and enjoy! A secret summit meeting 🙂 You can use Social Media to create the event and invite only your girlfriends! You want to have fun, right? And most of all, you want to give back your stuff, so there’s no place for random people.

Here’s the best part. You attach a note to each piece you want to give away. What do you wish for the new owner? Give each piece a specific emotion. Make it something more than just another blouse. At the end of the note, write the most important thing – what do you want in return? Here are my suggestions for challenges that will bring a lot of joy:

  • a glass of wine under the stars
  • a walk in the park
  • take me to a movie with Brad Pitt
  • burrito and margarita
  • coffee and a cheescake
  • send me the ugliest postcard from your next vacation
  • photoshop my picture with Keanu Reeves
  • write me a letter and send it per post
  • buy a fern to a neighbour who lives alone. Don’t forget to attach a nice note!
  • every Monday you say only nice things to peole – for a month!
  • support a dog shelter (you choose which one)
  • commit to forgiving the other person

Why do so? Doing good makes you a leader and an inspiration to others. These are the situations that can bring you closer. That’s what this is all about, isn’t it? You organize an evening full of surprises with your loved ones. And this is just the beginning! You are going to experience beautiful stories from the challenges you’ll create for your girlfriends. 

Idea No. 3 – support Mother House in your area.

Women who live in a mother’s home need everything. Women who are in a very difficult life situation. Women who fight for a better life for themselves and their children. Pieces that you don’t need anymore can give significant help there. There are about 109 institutions in Poland that help single mothers. For example, Caritas Polska is often involved in organizing help for single mothers.

Idea No. 4 – find a woman in your area that is in a difficult situation.

We often don’t care what life status represent our neighbors. You don’t want to know everything about everyone. But there are people between us who need our help and support. These people are worth our time and attention. I mean, some women can’t even buy a regular white t-shirt. It costs you nothing. You spend just a little free time, but the feeling, the experience is worth it! And don’t think that you are entering someone else’s life with your shoes. You simply want to help. Remember that good always comes back.

Idea No. 5 – support Children’s Home in your area.

Teenagers have their own needs. Do you remember what it feels like when your hormones go crazy and your body changes? You start paying attention to your look. Pieces that you don’t need anymore can change the quality of life of a teenager who lives in an orphanage. We all know these are not realities in which it’s easy to grow up. We need love, security, and understanding. Clothes won’t do the job, sure! However, they will bring joy to a teenager who has her needs and desires.

I focused on social interaction to emphasize that the pieces that you don’t wear can help others. These worthless things, or sentimental journeys that no longer serve you can be pearls that will bring a smile and hope for a better life. You can engage your friends. The more things are the better!

It all starts with you! Closing the door to your apartment doesn’t separate you from the world. You’re still a part of it, fortunately! 😍 That’s how small BIG social initiatives are created. There is always someone who’s doing something for the first time.

It’s time to clean up your space and take care of yourself and others. I truly believe that after reading this post, you’ll change the way you look at your wardrobe. Build a space where you feel good. Create habits that help others. Think globally, act locally. 😍 We want the best for ourselves. Oh, one more thing, don’t forget to share the link with your girlfriends 🙂 Girl power!

Powered by love,

Magda Netkowska
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