Step 3 – discover your body type and look fabulous!

My dear – we are going dipper! Today is the time for the next step towards an authentic style and wardrobe, which will open a new door for you! Today I am going to say a few words about proportions and share a few tricks that will make your body looks slimmer. That’s the secret… Because I do not know if you remember, but perfect bodies don’t exist! It’s not that everyone is perfect, only you “have a problem”. I am fabulous – and so are you! So sit back comfortably and enjoy reading!

Every, I repeat – EVERY body type has strong and weak points. I mean, look at me – I’m 1,80 cm tall, I am proportional, but my hands, collarbone, back, thighs, and hands are very slim and bony. I want to gain weight, but it’s just not happening. My body has won with anorexia, survived the stress associated with anxiety, so I respect and accept my body the way it is. Do you remember my post about self-acceptance? I really hope that you also look at your body with empathy and understanding.

When you dress up – you want to look good, right? So you want to create the illusion of proportional figure. This means that the top, middle, and bottom of your body are balanced. That’s when your body looks its best and you have a coherent shape. If your figure isn’t balanced, my eye will automatically focus on the largest area of your body. In short – you attract attention to the place where you want to turn this attention away.

The great thing about clothing is that it allows you to create an illusion that will work in your favor. Here are 3 basic rules that you should follow when you build your outfits (regardless of your body type) :

Extend your legs – ALWAYS, always strive to make your legs look longer. Why? Longer legs make your figure looks slimmer! How? Choose high-rise pants, flare pants, wide-leg pants, trousers with long strips, a high-rise skirt, tuck your shirt, top, or sweater, wear a waist-cinching belt.

Extend your legs
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Emphasize your waist – the waist is an important element of the female figure that builds the right proportions of the body. If you camouflage your waist with clothes that are too big, you look like you’re hiding. When you emphasize your waist – you look right on point. Some of us have a naturally shaped waistline. In this case, it’s enough to wear clothes that fit properly. If you’re missing one – no worries! All you need is a waist-cinching belt to accentuate your figure, high-rise pants, a high-rise skirt, open front blazer, a poplin blouse, and a wrap dress.

Emphasize your waist
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Take care of your hourglass – add proportions where they’re missing. You want to build an outfit that create an illusion that your bust and hips are the same and your waist is smaller. You can easily achieve it with every body type. To do this, you need to know which body type you have. I want you to take a measuring tape and carefully measure your bust, waist, and hips. Remember to keep the measuring tape loose. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend you to get one. If you want to buy the clothes that fit, you have to know your measurements.

And, are you ready? Let’s go further!

There are 5 different body types:

Bigger on the top, when your bust is bigger than the rest of your body.

Bigger in the middle, when your waist is bigger than the rest of your body.

Bigger on the bottom, when your hips are bigger than the rest of your body.

Proportional, when your bust and your hips are the same, but your waist is smaller.

No curves, when your bust, your waist, and your hips are the same.

Each body type requires different technic of styling cause you add and take away attention from other parts of the body. Today I will focus on – bigger on the top body type. This means that your hourglass is bigger on the top and lower on the bottom. What to do to create the right proportions? You have to add some action to the bottom of your body! That’s the place that needs your support.

Here are some tricks that will help you build your hourglass 🙂 :

Show some legs – the eye automatically directs attention to the exposed parts of the body.

Add some color – invest in pants and shirts in bold, vivid colors and prints that automatically attract the eye.

Ripped and cropped jeans – if you want to divert attention from the upper part of the body, invest in ripped and cropped jeans that automatically attract the eye.

Flare pants and wide-leg pants – wide bottom trousers perfectly balance the bigger top.

Midi skirt – invest in a midi pencil skirt or a midi A-line skirt. Both will reveal your shapely calfs and bring the balance into your look.

Statement shoes – if you add statement shoes to your outfit, I guarantee that the whole attention will go down to your shoes.

Bra, which supports your breasts – if you have large breasts, you have to invest in a good bra that will properly support them.

Light color on the bottom and dark color on the top – light colors attract the eye much faster. If you wear light colors on the top of your body, you focus all the attention over there.

Top with wide straps – thin straps make your breast look even bigger.

Blouses with round neck – invest in blouses that have a round neck. It is the least risky choice that provides comfort.

A little overwhelmed? Remember that you can return to this text, whenever you feel the need! I created for you another board – bigger on the top, which will help you better understand proportions. You’ll see many photos of Amal Clooney, she is also bigger on the top. Look carefully and try to notice which elements of outfits are catching your attention immediately.

I’m creating a surprise for you that will help you to better understand the essence of dressing right for your body type. First, I have to deal with the technical aspects of the blog … Yes, I’m still fighting the Newsletter. NOT EASY… I know, I can do it! Next week I’ll take you on the journey through bigger in the middle and bigger on the bottom body types.

Thank you so much for being here and reading my blog. Let’s just be beautiful, honest, and supportive! We’re safe here – no one judges anyone. Share your story with me. I’m dying to meet you!

Big hugs to you! Let the power be with you gorgeous!

Powered by love,

Magda Netkowska
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