Step 2 – Find your perfect match! Part II

Let me guess – you couldn’t sleep and eat all week because you were waiting for the second part of – “Find your perfect match!” post. You’re such a sweetie! I just figured out that putting the entire characteristics in one post is too much. Especially that I want to share valuable information in an accessible way. I value your time as much as I value mine. Not everything at once.

I think it’s good to start with a few words of reminder – Why do I need to know about all 7 styles in fashion? Well, the way to your authentic style that express you is to find the direction of your makeover and to define the goals that you want to achieve with your new look. Remember that we are talking about the future, not the present! So you should know all seven styles, which present various characters and attitudes, to find the one that meets your future expectations. Each style has certain rules that guide you when choosing clothes. You’ve probably always thought that a shirt is just a shirt – technically yes. But you in this shirt is another story. Clothes express who you are. They shouldn’t be coincidental, right?

Here are the other three styles that exist in fashion:

Born leader – you were and always will be the leader. Professional in every way. Your look must be polished cause then you feel good. You like to control every aspect of life. Career is important to you. You are not a spontaneous type. You know what you want. You are not afraid to climb the ladder in business to reach out your goals. There is no room for coincidence when it comes to your life. You are strong and you are not afraid to take risks. You don’t accept “no” as an answer.

A born leader wardrobe is all about high quality tailored clothes. Elegance at the highest level. The best materials, high wearing comfort. Tailored suits best show the strength and confidence that is an indispensable element of this style. You can easily choose unusual prints, pockets or decorative buttons. The appropriate company will be a matching button-down shirt, a pencil skirt, and a midi dress with a rounded neckline. The clothes of the born leader don’t reveal the body. Perfect tailoring makes them look amazing. You can also invest in embroidered elements that will enrich the visual element of the wardrobe, pins, and jewelry with precious stones. The wardrobe is a bit expensive, but the money is coming back! Click the link below for more inspiration:

Timeless babe – that is, attached to tradition. Your roots are an important part of life, and your taste has not changed for years. You don’t like extravagance and strong contrasts. Your value system plays a significant role in everyday life. You are honest and straightforward, but sometimes it’s difficult to read you. You need time to build a relationship, but if you trust, you are a devoted and loyal friend. You know yourself and your abilities very well, you would never let anyone push you around.

A timeless wardrobe is characterized by investing in pieces that don’t go out of fashion. This means that you are looking for cuts that are clean and you can’t see the impact of current trends, for example, if you want to buy jeans, you pay special attention to the fact that they are classic – one color, no holes or any other sign of trends. You invest in top-shelf materials so that you can enjoy them over the years. The most important elements that build this style are a classic trench coat, blazer, matching sweater in neutral color, pleated midi skirt, pencil skirt, Chanel style dress, white shirt button-down, navy blue or black shirt button-down. Clothes that you can always combine despite their age. You choose rather subtle main colors, which you break with accessories: scarf, earrings, handbag, shoes or brooch. Click the link below for more inspiration:

Minimalist – a lover of simplicity, symmetry, and transparency. Your space is clean and organized. You don’t collect things. Each new purchase is well thought out. You do not need to own to be happy, but you pay double attention to the quality of things that surround you. Often you have enough of others and prefer to be alone. You don’t like when others try to convince you of their reasons. You don’t need to show up because you are not interested in the opinion of others. You listen to your own thoughts.

The base of a minimalist wardrobe is the simplicity of cuts and colors. Clothes that can be combined together, because they match perfectly. You’ll see the square and rectangular forms that create symmetry. No embellishments. Lack of fancy colors. Dominated by neutral colors – white, black, beige, gray and brown. Clothes are not provocative, bold or eye-catching, but original in their simplicity. Minimalism is not about emphasizing the figure, but about the quality of materials and the finishing of clothes that make an extraordinary style. Click the link below for more inspiration:

Style in fashion
I created for you a compilation of all 7 styles in elegant version so that you could see that there is a difference between them – from the left: I’m romantic, simple chic, boho babe, on the edge, born leader, timeless babe, minimalist. Photos come from the latest offer.

If you still struggle, remember that elimination is often the best and the fastest way to the right choice. What you definitely don’t want? What sounds so not like you? What do you don’t identify with? Find only those elements that really appeal to you!

Each of us has intuition. This intuition suggests good solutions that we often ignore because of fear. I bet you have something in the closet that you bought, but you have never worn (YES, each of us has such a thing!). This piece is an interesting story because you feel it is for you, but you don’t know how to style it. It’s intuition that is responsible for this purchase. I tell you more. I’m convinced that this piece is for the woman you want to become! So please remember to always listen to your intuition. It is a fear that you don’t want to follow. Your inner voice knows what is good for you. You already have everything to feel confident and look beautiful!

Now think about three things that recently made you happy. What caused a smile on your face? When did you feel good with yourself? See today’s answers and put them together with your last week work. Think only about yourself! Because you can, you absolutely can look wonderful and control how others perceive you! So let’s do it! There is nothing to wait for 🙂

Next week I will take you on a journey through body tapes and look deeply into the subject of building proportions. Another step towards your authentic style! Excites? Because I sure am! If you could only see the smile on my face when I write and create content for my blog. Especially now, when I’m going through a difficult stage in my life, I really appreciate the passion that I found in being a stylist. And I know fashion, seriously 🙂 And I’m here for you.

Are there any questions for me? Creativity is always welcome here! And if you like my post, share the link with your friends. I want us to stay together and be good and understanding with each other. Soon I’m going with the newsletter. Now that’s gonna be super fun!

Big hugs to you! Let the power be with you gorgeous!

Powered by love,

Magda Netkowska
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