I have nothing to wear!? Why your wardrobe “doesn’t want” to cooperate and how to deal with it.

How many times have you stood in front of your wardrobe in the last few months with no idea what to wear? Once? Twice? Or maybe you regularly experience feelings of helplessness because of your clothes? When you couldn’t find what you needed at this point.

My blog has one simple rule – I’m always honest. I admit that over the last few months, I found myself trapped in front of my wardrobe. Like my wardrobe didn’t cooperate. It was an intense time where I tried to set up new goals and create a new strategy for my business. I mean, I found my authentic style which shows my character, I found my colours and still, I struggled to pull outfits together.

A few weeks ago I sat down at the computer trying to find the answer to the question – why I have nothing to wear?!

I wrote this on google.

It turned out that there is no answer! 😲Guides appeared on how to effectively clean up the wardrobe, how to dress for work, what to wear for a wedding (this one was fun!), but there was no information about why with the full wardrobe I can’t find the right clothes. “Houston we have a problem” . 🤬 

I traced every step of the way to an authentic style, went through the wardrobe planning process and BOOM! I found the answer to the question – why I have nothing to wear !!!!

If your clothes don’t go hand in hand with the changes that occur in your life, then there is a conflict of interest! Old You vs New You.

The moment you go through changes, these can be changes in your professional or private field, your needs change as well. This is a normal process related to personal development. Old solutions will no longer take the exam. The problem with finding the right clothes, paradoxically, means you went ahead!

It was the same with me. I adapted the wardrobe to the current state of affairs, I took into account business development, but I played safe again! 😠 I missed the moment when my plans evolved strongly. Instead of making a metamorphosis – I will teach style. A bold task that requires more work, but as a consequence will bring better results and greater confidence for women and awareness of their own needs.

If you stand in front of your wardrobe and you can’t find the right clothes it means that your needs have changed and your wardrobe needs refreshing.

What is the best solution? Give yourself a high five to celebrate your development!👏

It’s time for a good plan! Sometimes I think that “Plan” is my second name… Here’s what you need to know:

  1. What’s going on in your life right now?
  2. What changes are you facing?
  3. Who will you be after making these changes?

It’s the key to your success! Without this knowledge, you’ll feel lost among clothes that DON’T MEET YOUR ROLE. And what’s next? Does it mean you need to replace your whole wardrobe? Absolutely NO! As a person aware of the dangers of a consumer lifestyle, I will give you a few ways to handle this situation like a pro.

You have a plan, right? You know that for example, your promotion at work will require a more balanced image (tailored clothes) and greater confidence (good quality materials). Start from your own backyard.

What’s in your wardrobe?

Yes, it’s not a joke! If you could only knew how often we forget what’s inside of our wardrobes. Usually, you search for treasures. When you know what you need, you can get rid of things at don’t serve you anymore. Pay special attention to the quality of your clothes. Maybe all you need is a good Taylor? Perhaps a few tailoring modifications, e.g. shortening, narrowing, replacing the zipper, buttons, sewing the lace will do the work? Good quality clothes will always defend themselves. All you need is a bit of fantasy.

What your girlfriends have in their wardrobes?

Recently, I wrote about the power of friendship with women (If you have not read, you should catch up: https://magdanetkowska.com/en/the-power-of-female-friendship/). If you think that your friends don’t have this problem, you’re wrong! 😋I recommend organizing a special event. Not only that you spend a good time, but each of you will have the chance to hunt something for herself. Even if you have a different size, you should organise the event. You don’t know what your friends have in their wardrobes.

Let Pinterest inspire you!

If your current wardrobe doesn’t meet your needs, you can’t assume that visiting a shopping mall will fix the problem. The point is not to buy anything, eg. another jacket or shoes. It’s about thinking, finding the right cut, brand, colour. Pinterest is an infinite source of inspiration! Do you need to look more professional? Do you want to look more feminine? Changed priorities and replacing pins on sneakers? On Pinterest, you’ll see countless different proposals that will help you understand what you need.

Find a good second-hand shop nearby!

There are different opinions about second-hand shops. I understand the concerns of some women. Sometimes you still have the image of dirty and dusty clothes from the 90s. But times have changed. You have vintage shops online that allow you to hunt for unusual and exceptional clothes. There are designer clothes that you to hunt for half price. With a wide range of steam equipment, laundries and additional functions that modern washing machines have, you don’t have to worry about shopping hygiene.

My recommendations:



Find brands that meet your expectations

You have a choice! List of brands available in the market is so long that everyone can find something. I want to convince you to start paying attention to the clothes you wear and the brands you support. If you’ve already crossed the magic 30 + your interest should go toward brands that make clothes for women, not teenagers. The woman has higher expectations for clothes and more money, so I see no reason why should save money on quality.

It is also good to learn more about the brand itself – its history, its mission, the place where they make clothes, and materials that use. Your choice has an impact on the world. Remember that! We have so many fashion brands that cultivate good practices: are solvent, show concern for the environment, produce unique pieces, and use good quality materials.

I’m preparing a material dedicated to clothing brands in which mission I strongly believe and who are cultivating good business practices. ❤

You control your wardrobe. If you feel that the direction in which you are going doesn’t match your clothes – time for a change. Don’t be afraid of new challenges. Don’t be afraid of change. You deserve the best.

Thank you that you are.

We got the power!

Powered by love,

Magda Netkowska
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