How to survive seasonal sales without going crazy?

Today I was supposed to write a completely different post, but when I sat in front of the keyboard, I felt the need to say something about a super important topic – the SALES. Why? Well, I know how much money you lose a year on clothes you don’t wear… And I care not only about your style but also about your wallet. I prefer you buying less, but pieces that will serve your style. So let’s get started!

There is some magical power in the word SALE. The very thought of a lower price, the knees get soft, excitement arises, because you buy for less. The lower price makes you more willing to spend money. You justify yourself with a discount on the price tag, and you make excuses by thinking that you’re doing the business of your life…

Yes, yes, I know it too! Luckily, we’re here not to judge, but to help. I remember when I was waiting for seasonal sales and then I purchased almost everything I found in my size. Fortunately, I learned from mistakes. And you have me – a personal stylist who will help you to tame the sale.

First of all, the sale doesn’t mean purchase for free. Although you pay less for 10, 20, maybe even 70%, but you still spend your money. Every item you don’t wear is a waste of money! Always remember this. I totally understand the euphoria caused by reduced price, but I also know how good it feels when you shop smartly and your wardrobe is full of clothes to wear…

And second, be honest and answer the question – how many clothes do you really need? No woman needs to dress up to 10 times a day. The amount of clothes doesn’t prove the style and quality of your look. There is no amount of clothes that guarantees happiness. There is no amount of clothes from which you start feeling beautiful. And you surely don’t need to update your wardrobe with the latest collections every season.

Focus and listen to yourself.

Your authentic style doesn’t need additional attractions. Your authentic style needs support and the consequences 🙂 The success is based on one activity, which we often forget (especially when it comes to sales). What am I talking about? I’m talking about planning!

Plan your shopping! Be like a professional stylist and approach the shopping task. The sale doesn’t mean you have to buy something. Sale means that you get a chance to complement your wardrobe with a discount. If you do this methodically (planning), then you will gain not only great clothes but also more money in your wallet.

Start with a thorough browse of your wardrobe. I’m sure you will find some frustrating clothes that should never be there. Right behind them is the queue of favorite clothes that you wear around and love to style in different ways, and finally the clothes you like to look at, but you don’t know what to style. Am I right?

When you’ll get rid of the clothes you don’t wear and focus only on other clothes, make a plan. Which clothes are missing in your wardrobe? Maybe you have too little jackets or not enough summer dresses? Maybe you need more T-shirts, which can be styled with most of your clothes? Write down all the items that come to your mind immediately.

When you know what to look for, focus on the details. The more details, the better! Consider your authentic style and your body shape. Be as specific as possible – mini or midi skirt? V-neck or round neck? Simple jeans or boyfriend jeans? Which clothes make you feel your best? Find colors that are missing in your closet and which you want to wear.

It’s important that you’ll be looking for specific clothes instead of running around looking for inspiration. Impulsive shopping won’t bring your life back on the track. Impulsive shopping won’t make your worries go away. Impulsive shopping won’t solve what bothers you. You can’t shop problems! Never.

When you have a list of things that you need, you can enjoy buying for less. You use filters (when you shop online) or you simply eliminate clothes that are not on your list. You’re a conscious consumer who’s not bothered with unnecessary hangers... The work related to planning will allow you to reduce the time spent on shopping at least by half.

Besides, we all have favorite shops and brands. Keep this in mind while you shop for less. You, your wallet, your wardrobe, and your style are worth it!

I hope that you feel excited and ready for your shopping! Season sales are needed and there is nothing more fun than to hunt down your dream dress half price. But let it be a dress that you will wear and not another unnecessary piece that will only collect dust in your closet.

If you feel like I haven’t written enough about today’s topic, let me know in the comment section below! I am curious about your opinion. In the meantime, let me give you a hug! Thank you that you are. My work has meaning only thanks to you 🙂

Big hugs to you! Let the power be with you gorgeous!

Powered by love,

Magda Netkowska
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