Step 3 – discover your body type and look fabulous! Part III – the last one!

Another week, another step forward! Let’s celebrate! We’re moving slowly, we are not in a rush. I walk fast, but I learned to never rush. We have time, right? Making changes is a process and I want you to feel good about it.

Of course, the beginnings require more work. You read, analyze, trying to understand. You feel lost, maybe even upset, because what’s going on here ?! It’s completely normal! 🙂 My beginnings were very hard too. I already knew what to wear and how to wear, but only in theory. And when I was in front of the mirror, I was totally overwhelmed thinking that I have nothing to wear!

I want to make it easier for you. More fun and joy that you start a new adventure with style. That’s why I always support these posts with pinterest boards. They give you a wider view of what I write about. Believe me, when you become more familiar with how to dress your body type, it will be a natural process for you to follow.

In previous posts, I already discussed three types of body shapes – bigger on the top, bigger in the middle, bigger on the bottom. Today it’s the final day where I bring all the cards on the table! Today we will focus on the last two body types – proportional and no curves. So make yourself comfortable and sit at a chair, desk, on a bench, blanket, table, on the tram… and let’s get started!

Proportional body type – it means that you already have an hourglass figure. People often think that it’s the easiest one to be dressed, but it’s not true. Proportional body type should follow one rule – attention should be spread evenly 🙂 Proportional body type needs action equally – on top and bottom.

Here are some tricks to help you emphasize your body type:

Show off your arms and legs – I know, I repeat it like a mantra, but it’s true! Exposed skin is eye-catching! Make sure that you find a balance between the upper and lower part of your body. You can expose the calf and shoulders, or choose a larger asymmetrical neckline and a pencil skirt.

Wear color evenly – the color is eye-catching so you can wear as many colors as you want. You can easily wear an outfit where the top and the bottom are in vivid colors.

Tailored clothes – with this body type make sure that your clothes are tailored. Your naturally shaped hourglass can be broken by ill fitting clothes.

Prints, prints, and more prints – there are no limits. To draw the attention evenly you can wear different prints on the top and the bottom of your body. You can put together squares and triangles. Isn’t it wonderful?

The most important thing to remember – don’t disturb your hourglass figure 🙂 Create the attention equally. Do you want to wear a sequin blouse? Great! Mix it together with 3/4 trousers to also expose your legs. Maybe you want to put on an orange skirt? Fabulous! Just choose a blouse that has a distinctive color or pattern. I could multiply examples here, but I prefer to show them to you on my pinterest board 🙂

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Click here for a more proportional body shape inspiration.

We’re almost done with female body types! No curves (sometimes called athletic) body type is the last one. It’s when you don’t have curves, which is also OK! There are clothes that will build your waist, hips, and your bust in a natural way.

With this body type, you can allow yourself for a fashion craziness and you’ll get away with it. All kind of trick that will build your curves are welcome.

Here are a few simple tricks that will help you to build your hourglass figure:

Prints, prints, and more prints – if you’ll build your outfit with prints (flowers, geometric figures, and stripes), you’ll create the impression of very feminine body shape. Prints cheat the eye, but in a gentle way. You need that to create your hourglass figure. You can mix different patterns together: put together flower printed trousers with an animal printed blouse.

Asymmetry – fell in love with asymmetry, seriously! Asymmetry brings motion into your look and creates female curves. Choose a blouse with asymmetrical sleeves and put it together with a dress with an asymmetrical frill. Be creative!

Frills – I am talking about frills in any form – on the stomach, on the neckline, or going along the dress. Don’t worry, on my pinterest board you’ll find a lot of inspiration!

Open front blazer – your perfect match! Not only universal (good for a date, to work, for a dinner with friends, auntie Wanda family event), but also great for building your waist. The perfect solution to all women with no curves body type.

Waist belt – try to make a place in your wardrobe for more than one. Why? Because wearing it you’ll have a beautifully defined waist and longer legs.

High-rise clothes – these garments (both pants and skirts) naturally moderate female waist, even if it’s not clearly defined.

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Click here for a more no curves body type inspiration.

We finished! We’re done with female body types! Remember always that there are no better or worse body types. They’re all beautiful and unique in their own way. You and I have places we like and those we try to hide from the world. The truth is that these places are problematic only for us. The world doesn’t see them…

Your body tells your story. Your face tells your story. I want to get to know you better. I want to congratulate you truly. I want to support you, always.

Big hugs to you! Let the power be with you gorgeous!

Powered by love,

Magda Netkowska
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