Step 3 – discover your body type and look fabulous! Part II

I did it! I did it, my dear! My Newsletter is working! Finally, after 3 weeks of reading, testing, trying, I created a system that will help us stay connected. It’ll be much more private – my blog from the kitchen. I’ll share ideas and inspirations in a funny way 🙂 The reason why it took me so long is simple – I’m just a human and I don’t know everything. Technical matters are not my strong point. I wasn’t sure which option is the best, so I decided to test them. And I am very happy! Another step forward. We travel together to a better style!

And now we’re back to the important issue – knowing your body type. As you noticed, I don’t use fruits or geometrical figures to describe body types. I mean, there are no apples, pears, rectangles, or squares. There are five different body types that you can determine based on the size of your bust, waist, and hips. There are proportions that speak for themselves and there is one goal for every woman – an hourglass figure.

Each of us – you and I strive to look the best in our clothes – what does that even mean?! Slim, with define waist, with bust and hips shaped in hourglass figure – the top and bottom of the body are equally wide, and the waist is smaller. You can achieve this in every body type! All you have to do is to follow th golden rule:

Build proportions – add volume where it is missing. Style clothes in such a way that your outfit creates an illusion and attracts the eye to the parts less noticeable.

Last week I focused on – bigger on the top body type, which means that you carry weight in your bust. If you didn’t have the opportunity to read, I encourage you to go back to my last post. Today I want to focus on – bigger in the middle and bigger on the bottom body types, so stay with me and enjoy the reading.

Bigger in the middle body type – when your waist is bigger than the rest of your body. To build an hourglass, you need to create action in the upper and lower parts of the body. If you do that, the eye will focus evenly, not just on the middle part.

Here are a few tricks that will build your hourglass:

Show your legs and arms – yes baby! Showing off your upper and lower parts will immediately focus the eye.

Midi wrap dress – this dress not only can build your waist but will also slim your figure. If you expose calves and cleavage, you’ll bring an action at the top and bottom of the body.

A-line midi dress with V-neckline – I’ll write it again! Yes! If you show your legs, you attract the eye. V-neckline is also a great solution to bring action to the upper body.

Flared pants, wide-leg pantsthey put the volume at the bottom, and that’s exactly what you need. Style them with a blouse that reveals the shoulders, and you get your hourglass figure.

Ripped and cropped jeans and a ruffled blouse – these jeans will immediately attract the eye. Combine them with a ruffled blouse, an off shoulder blouse, or a blouse with exposed arms.

Open front slim fit blazer – this blazer can build your waist and make the middle part of your body looks slimmer.

Waist-cinching belt – wear it and you’ll create a beautiful waistline and slim, proportional figure. Put it together with blouses, sweaters, dresses, and jackets. Your imagination is the limit!

Striped clothing – each stripe configuration is good for you. A striped blouse, a striped dress, striped trousers – it’s all up to you.

bigger in the middle body type
Photos from Pinterest

Still a bit confused? Don’t worry! I got your back. I prepared for you something special on my pinterest board. Take a look at my ideas of how dress right for your body type.

Bigger in the middle – click here

Bigger on the bottom body type – when your hips are bigger than the rest of your body. To build an hourglass, you need to create action to the upper part of your body. If you do that, the eye will focus evenly, not just on the lower part.

Here are a few tricks that will build your hourglass:

Show off your arms – yes, I said it again! And I won’t stop cause that’s the key to success. If you expose your arms, you’ll attract the eye immediately.

Bright colors on the top, dark colors on the bottom – please remember that the bright colors are attracting the eye much faster than the dark colors. According to this rule, lighter-colored clothes should appear on the upper part of your body.

Asymmetric blouse – a perfect way to create movement and action in the upper part. Wear it with simple and classic jeans, or straight leg trousers.

Waist-cinching belt – it’s a serious game changer! I highly recommend every woman to have at least one in her wardrobe. This baby will make your legs look slimmer and taller. That’s what you need to create a balanced look.

Vivid colors on the top – colors draw attention. If you wear them in the upper body, you will create a balanced look.

High-waisted skirt – this skirt will perfectly extend your legs, slim your figure, and create correct proportions to your body.

Statement blazer – vivid colors or patterns are recommended here! Statement blazer will immediately draw attention to the upper body.

Simple, classic pants – simplicity is the key to success. The top of your body needs to shine and grab attention and the bottom part should be simple and classic.

A-line skirt – this skirt will make you look slimmer, more balanced, and will build your hourglass proportions. Choose simple skirts, try to avoid vivid colors and statement patterns.

Bigger on the bottom body type
Photos from Pinterest

I encourage you to take a look at my pinterest board – a magic place where you’ll see how to dress your body type 🙂 You’ll be also able to get your head around this!

Bigger on the bottom – click here

Remember that it doesn’t matter what kind of body shape you represent. Every time you can look and feel amazing! Just remember this one simple principle – build hourglass proportions. The more you experiment with clothes, the faster you get results and make it a habit.

Remember that you know your body best. You have the right to look and feel beautiful. You have the right to accept yourself with all imperfections. You have the right to play with clothes and experiment with style.

I support you in every decision you make. Thank you for being here. I understand your uncertainty. I understand your fear. Two years ago I felt the same way. Today I am your biggest fan. I believe that we will succeed together!

I invite you to be creative and express yourself. Share your comment in the comment section below. Oh, I would almost forget! Be sure to join my Newsletter. I won’t spam your mailbox. I’ll share my inspiration and backstage photos with you 🙂

Big hugs to you! Let the power be with you gorgeous!

Powered by love,

Magda Netkowska
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