Find a second wind, and lead your life on the calm water of happiness
I can give you a new perspective on life. You are the dream of your ancestors and your chance for a happy life. Sail with me!
happiness, freedom, energy, intuition, meditation, true self, purpose, love
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Tap into your inner power!

Your body is a map of the unresolved stories of your ancestors. Stories, that created generational traumas and patterns that still shape your reality. That’s why life is getting harder and harder, and you feel like you have no control. That’s when I come in! I’m a shaman and healer. I don’t offer therapy as I prefer a different approach to standards. I combine scientific knowledge, a holistic approach to health, and strong intuition.



For most of my life, I felt a sense of hollowness inside. I couldn’t find real passions in my life or a meaningful job. I struggled with my self-confidence, and I was disconnected from my heart. I became my fear. One day, my best friend opened my eyes and made me realize I was only half-alive. Read more about me.


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