Personal Stylist | Color Expert | Color Analysis | Femininity
Fashion, colors, femininity, and emotions from the personal stylist point of view. I share tips and tricks that will change the way you look at yourself.
colors, style, color analysis, personal stylist, femininity
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Become the woman


you desire to be!

magda's face photo

Imagine that:

⇒ you think of yourself,

⇒ you trust yourself,

⇒ you take time for yourself,

⇒ you listen to your inner voice,

⇒ you express yourself,

⇒ you understand your femininity,

⇒ you consciously surround yourself with colors.

You have everything you need to live like this! My name is Magda Netkowska and I want to show you, how good it feels to be yourself. And remember,

you’re never gonna feel like it…