Intuitive Color Healer | Find true nature, happiness, and purpose in life!
I help find limitations and discover your inner voice. I search for your true nature that will bring happiness into your life.
happiness, freedom, energy, intuition, meditation, true self, purpose, love
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Close your eyes and imagine that your life is filled with love (…) The unconditional love that gives you: 

  • peace
  • trust
  • safety
  • gratitude
  • freedom

When you feel your body and its needs. Is it even possible?!

You are a unique combination of emotions and skills that have shaped your heart since birth. Unfortunately, as you were growing up, social beliefs were implanted to you, as well as problems and fears of adults that effectively blocked the potential of your heart. With time, life began less and less surprising, and more and more overwhelming.

Passion, love, and fulfillment can knock on your door again. My name is Magda, and I used to live life in fear and anxiety. Today I work with people from all over the world and help them find the happiness that comes from the heart. Your heart is waiting for you to feel it again! And I am here to guide.

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Hi! I’m Magda, and two years ago, I started my life in harmony with my heart. Today I can help you!

Until three years ago, I felt like I had none. I couldn’t believe in a happy path. I got used to living in anxiety. And then one day, I made the decision that I’ll do anything I can do change it. That’s when it all started… Read more about me.


What people say from the heart: