| Step 2 – Find your match! Part I
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Step 2 – Find your match! Part I

You’ve already taken the most difficult step towards your authentic style – self-acceptance. Sometimes you have to be patient. Not all bad habits can be changed right away. I would love to write that all you have to do is to buy new clothes, but that’s not true. You would quickly find out that when the initial euphoria is gone, old habits return. But it will come! The moment when you smile at yourself because you understand that it is your body and it deserves your understanding and respect 🙂

Accepting yourself will not change the appearance of your body, but will allow you to enjoy yourself. I promise that further will get easier. When you stop getting angry with your thighs, buttocks or breasts and you give yourself a big inner high five, you’ll make room for new experiences. As soon as you stop meeting the expectations of others and you take away the pressure on how you look, it will finally be your time! And you will be able to take another step towards authentic style.

Step 2 – Find your character in style.

This stage aims to define the goals, character traits, and values that you like and you want to express. The authentic style is all about you. You need specific answers. The more precise you are, the better you can fit and personalize your wardrobe. And let me say it once again – it’s about truth, not trends. We are not taking a shortcut here. You start with your own work first.

If you don’t know your motivation and the reason why you want to make changes, then your makeover will never work. Why? Because you must know that the direction in which we are going is right. You must feel safe in the changes you are going through. It’s you who stand eye to eye with your wardrobe, putting outfits together that should help you in your life.

It sounds a bit serious, but that’s how it is. In the end, it’s not about what I tell you, but it’s about how you feel with yourself. You know what? Try to have fun! Look at it as if you would play a game – you and only you. There are no right or wrong answers. Don’t worry about losing. Answer these three questions and find a style that fits your personality.

Answer the following questions:

1. What character traits I like about myself? List at least 3 features that you value and which are important to you.

2. What are my greatest passions? Find these things in life that make you laugh. What brings you joy in life?

3. What are my goals? Specify what you care about most. Do you want to have more customers, get a promotion at work, make others respect and appreciate your opinions more, etc.

Personality and goals are the foundations of an authentic style. You want your look to work in your favor and reflect the things you care about. You want to keep a balance. You want to control how others perceive you. The range of clothing brands is so diverse that you have a multiple choice! Until now, you didn’t have a plan, which is why you were choosing clothes that didn’t really work for you. Fortunately, those days are gone forever. Together, we’ll make the changes you need.

Today I’m going to describe you 4 out of 7 basic styles in fashion (yeap, I created these names). I decided to create two different posts because I value your time. I want you to choose the one that suits you best. It will be the base and the ground for further wardrobe choices. Of course, remember that this is not about judging. Each of these styles has power. Choose the one that is closest to your heart.

I’m romantic – you have a romantic soul and creative energy that is driven by all four elements. You like your femininity and are happy to emphasize it. You are brave, that’s why you often choose out of the box solutions. You are not afraid of contrasts. You are open to new possibilities and you experiment with forms. You often hear that you are charming. Your energy attracts people.

Skirts and dresses are a natural choice for this style. Floral patterns, animal prints, frills, laces, and pleats perfectly reflect the character of this style. You can put together unusual combinations of strong colors and patterns – flowers, geometrical figures, and animal patterns that fit a romantic woman very well. High-rise pants perfectly complement this style. An important element of this style are belts that define the waist. Click the link below to see more inspiration:


Simple chic – you are a girl from the neighborhood. You are easy going and value comfort above all. You don’t like experimenting with your look and don’t like changes. You don’t feel comfortable wearing elegant clothes. Classic solutions give you a sense of comfort. Simplicity is your secret. You avoid contrasts and statement pieces. You are demure and with beautiful manners. Because you are trustworthy people like spending time with you.

This style is all about being comfortable, fast, and easy. Very characteristic elements are jeans and flat shoes, which provide comfort throughout the day. You combine sports elements with elegant ones – sneakers, boyfriend jeans, and a blazer are a perfect example of this style. You also can’t forget about jewelry that will add chic to your look. Baseball caps and hats also go with a simple chic style. Click the link below to see more inspiration:


Boho babe – you have a hippie soul. A combination of charm and flirtious in a genuine way. You are not interested in forms, but in movement and sound. When you feel the wind in your hair, you know that you are alive. You don’t wear sporty clothes at all. The more chaotic the better. You see the best in everyone.

Maxi dresses and skirts are the hallmarks of boho babe. Other inherent elements are ethnic patterns and embroidery. Without it, the boho style couldn’t exist. A bohemian woman wears flares and wests. They bring back the memory of hippie freedom, to which boho style refers. Fringe, frills, and laces are also integral parts of this style. They bring movement and freedom into your look. All kinds of hats, headbands and scarves, and loosely tied hair are welcome. The chaos is really welcome. Click the link below to see more inspiration:


On the edge – you are a rebel by choice. Most of the time you go into classic solutions, but there is a wildness in you that sometimes wants to come out. You choose unobvious solutions and break the rules in the name of your values. You are supportive and you listen without judging. If something is important to you, you engage fully. You have a great streak of irony that allows you to balance on the edge.

On the edge breaks typical cuts with leather: pants, a pencil skirt, a jacket. Leather shows the edgy part of your character. Laces are also a very important part of this style. They help you show small parts of your body. This style loves bold T-shirts. An edgy woman doesn’t have to play safe and look elegant. Jeans can have holes, jackets can have studs, and sweaters can have jagged pits. The basic color is black, and the main additions are metal elements and massive jewelry. Click the link below to see more inspiration:


As you can see, each of these styles represents a different type of personality. Of course, there are common features, but the key elements are different from each other. Once you know which type fits your personality, you can imagine a wardrobe that will help you express yourself.

That’s exactly how I work with my clients. I start from the inside – I determine the style that best expresses the character and needs, I define the body type, personalize accessories, and create a list of clothes that will build a new style. Next week, I will describe the other three styles: Modern leader, Timeless woman, and Minimalist.

I am so happy to have you here with me! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your precious time with me again! You are important to me. I want you to feel good and understand that you can look insane! If you think that today’s post can help, share the link! Let’s be together, let’s support each other, and listen to our needs.

Powered by love,

Magda Netkowska
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