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5 mistakes to avoid when shopping for clothes!









You see, shopping for women represents an emotional rollercoaster. It’s associated with high expectations because we want to look beautiful. Expectations can be very high, but disappointment can be even more painful. With careful observation of women while shopping, I was able to find 5 basic mistakes that you can easily eliminate from your wardrobe and your life 🙂 Ready?


Don’t buy clothes that are too small for you.

I have to be honest if I want to help you (and I surely want!). If you try on clothes that are too small – DON’T BUY THEM, no matter how much you like them! I know there are situations in life where you’re not in top form. You’re a human and your body is changing. Maybe you want to drop a few kilos.

The problem is that by buying clothes that are too small for you, you’re condemning yourself to a worse mood! Firstly, because you can’t fit in, so you’re too big – it is psychological. Secondly, instead of the extra motivation, you hope to feel – Now I will take care of myself, there are pressure and expectations which create an emotional bomb that you don’t need in your life.

Besides, your wardrobe is not a waiting room. You aren’t able to predict whether the item will still be in your taste after a while! You know how often you change your mind. You know how often your needs are changing as well. You can never be sure that something you like now will be equally attractive in a while.

Don’t buy clothes that are too big for you.

I’ve observed one pattern that repeats in every woman who feels bad about her body – buying clothes that are too big. As if she was trying to hide from the world. An attempt to camouflage what you can not accept. Often you think that if you wear a blouse that is 2 sizes too big, you’ll cover your sensitive areas.

The problem is that too big clothes cover you all! Not only the sensitive part but all the rest! Is that what you want? You don’t dress up so that nobody would see you, right?

Not to mention the information you send to the world – that you lack confidence. Unfortunately, people may see you completely differently than what you think. Would you trust a person who lacks self-confidence? Hiding under too-big clothes will never make you happy. The problem is not your body. The problem is the way you think about it.

A while ago I wrote a few posts about how to dress right for your body type. Click here to read.

Don’t buy clothes that you don’t know how to style.

This is one of the most common mistakes, and it happened to me too! Let’s say that you see a piece that stands out from everything you have in your closet. What do you do? Emotions are so strong that you decide to buy it, but you never wear it! And then every time you open your wardrobe you see the clothes you don’t wear. The level of irritation – 11 (out of 10).

The rule is simple – you buy clothes when you have at least two things in your closet, with which you can combine them. You can always go home and look for inspiration online – Pinterest is a great place where you can discover new possibilities for your wardrobe. Be aware of new opportunities, which come with new clothes 🙂

Don’t try to shop problems.

ALWAYS avoid strong emotions while shopping. I know that if you’re angry, sad, upset, it seems to you that shopping will improve your mood. That’s not going to happen! You’ll end up spending too much money on clothes that aren’t for you. Strong emotions = no boundaries. You never, ever want to allow emotions to take control of your wardrobe and your style!

Shopping won’t solve any of your problems. I guarantee you! In the case of sadness and anger – just allow yourself to feel your feelings. It will pass. Just don’t try to run away from it. Allow yourself to have a worse day, a worse week, a worse month. Be with yourself for a moment. You need it more than another pair of pants, which you won’t wear anyway.

Don’t buy clothes during the period.

You know how your body changes during the period! Clothes that you try on won’t fit the same afterward! Not to mention the emotional distraction that you experience! Your taste is so different that usually. These aren’t ideal conditions for shopping. Take care of your comfort and well-being, and leave shopping for later. It’s just clothes!

I know I haven’t discovered anything new. But I know that you often don’t realize the mistakes you’re making. It’s not something you can’t control. I believe in you. And I want your wardrobe to be a place where you find joy and inspiration, not resentment and frustration.

Thank you for reading my blog. I have to apologize for my short technical break – I was changing the design of my blog for something more sophisticated and more ME. It seems that I took the wind in my sails! And I can invite you on a cruise towards an authentic style. You deserve it so much!

Big hugs! Let the power be with you gorgeous!

Powered by love,

Magda Netkowska
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