A letter to you

To be gentle with yourself, do you know what that means? Do you know what it’s like to let go, put your heavy baggage of experiences aside, and stay still for a while?


Be present with what you have now, at this very moment. Your present weighs very little, can you feel it? The luggage you carry, which makes your journey difficult, belongs to your past. Shall we go further? In the lightness of mind and body, we will go deep into ourselves.


Absolute silence… Do you feel your heartbeat? Do you feel the rhythm of your soul?


Will you dance?


Dance to the rhythm of your heart. I will sing a song of that beautiful moment when we blanket ourselves with joy, peace, and silence.


Come on, I’ll take your hand. We’ll go where the wind blows. The wind will blow our worries and make us feel safe and free. You and me. Me and you. Together. Step by step, face to face. Walking with you feels sooo good… I can see your worries then. I’m holding your hand, don’t worry. With me, you don’t have to pretend to be a superhero.


We are two ordinary people, yet we share so much. We go hand in hand, where the wind will sweep the darkness.


Are you hungry? Or maybe you are thirsty? I have everything, your favorite snacks, and your beloved drink. Did I just catch you on laughing under your breath? That’s so nice! 🙂 You know me, I’ve thought of everything. I even have a flashlight if we got lost in the dark corners of the mind. Together we’re less afraid.


I say you worry too much. You often go too far and create drama about future negative scenarios. If only I could show you how wonderful you are! If only I could show you your life like a movie! The movie would bring light and touch the heart. You’re a very unique person… You just keep forgetting. There’s no need to be scared. You’ve gone through so much in life. Embrace your power.


 You must always remember how wonderful you are!


I wish the world could experience your strength, intelligence, sense of humor, and creativity that wants to break free! Time to color your life. Come closer. I want to whisper something in your ear: “The sky is blue, the sea is blue, and the forest is green. When the time comes, I’ll tell you about the sun.” Let’s start coloring. You’ll feel happy sooner.


Don’t worry, I also forget about the important things in life. That’s why I always carry a bag full of gratitude. Gratitude leads me to where I should go. Expressing gratitude makes me happier. Thank you for being you. I wouldn’t wish for anything more.

Better makes you look radiant. Worse makes you look sad. Of course, I will always be with you, but it’s harder to talk to you when in worse.


We have to be honest with each other. I mean, we will always meet halfway because I listen to what you have to say. I wish I could experience your confidence more often. When you are confident, you speak with such passion, faith, and devotion arousing the curiosity of everyone around you. Damn, I’m so lucky to have your attention right now!


Are you getting tired? We’re almost there! Being able to show you this place is making me super excited. The color of the sun and unforgettable memories are waiting for us there. Could you name this moment that is as unique as you? You always have such good ideas.


Alright, take a deep breath, and we will be there…


Welcome to the hill of hope, joy, and dreams. You are free to be yourself. Look at the green of the grass and the blue of the sky. Nature will help you dream. Feel the wind in your hair, which blows fear from your head. Feel the yellow sun that shines as if it wants to touch you. Here, put some sunscreen on your face.


– “With the sun on your face, you look gorgeous. Let your dreams shine.” I whispered in your ear and rested my head on your shoulder.


Powered by love,


Magda Netkowska
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