magda reading vogue photo

I approach fashion emotionally. My dream is for women to express themselves fully. It’s possible through the authentic style, not current trends. Color is my SuperPower. Colors express emotions, build the atmosphere and energy around you.

My name is Magda and I am a personal stylist and color expert. I help women find their femininity. I guide them to their authentic style and colors.


Here are some facts from my life which will help you get to know me better:

➡ I was running away for most of my life. I thought that if I keep moving and changing cities, I’ll eventually find my happiness. I’ve changed countries, I’ve worked in different places, I’ve met new people, and still felt the emptiness.

➡ I didn’t believe in myself until I was 31. I lived in the belief that my success is possible only through others. I knew very quickly that my mission is to help others, but a lack of faith was stopping me from going.

➡ After I got diagnosed with anxiety, I realized that I had to change my life. I took therapy and devoted all my free time to work on myself. With time, I started to become more and more self-confident and stronger. With time, I understood that my life is in my hand.

➡ I decided that my story will help other women. I started keeping a diary in which I wrote down all my ups and downs. I began to wonder what exactly helped me gain confidence and find my femininity. That’s when the idea of emotions, colors, and fashion was born in my head. I set a clear goal to learn from the best. I have a personal stylist certificate and I am a color expert. I gained my experience in the School of Style in LA.

I became the voice that didn’t exist when I needed help.