The truth about your body! Read it before you criticize again.

If you read me regularly, you know that there is no joke with me. 😂 I set a goal to help women accept themselves and I stick to it! And you know what? It’s not easy to break through the wall of criticism and hate against your own body. Body shaming appears in everyone – I emphasize EVERYONE!

For years I thought that my low self-esteem was a consequence of food disorder I’ve gone through in my teenage years. Nothing could be further from the truth! When I realized that every woman I talked to was struggling with the lack of acceptance of her body (or some parts of it), I was shocked! Seriously, I was shocked by the scale of the problem.

I am not talking about bullying disliked body parts. I am talking about genuine mental blockade, which makes women deny themselves the pleasure and the right to wear what they want. Plus, there is stress caused by the need to hide and camouflage all problematic places. And the worst part is that we often care about the opinion of people who don’t care at all. I will ask honestly – do you care that I have visible varicose veins on my left calf? Should I cover my ankles so that I don’t hurt your feelings?

Why live like this? 😱

I’ve matched the old and the new me. The same body and problems, but a different approach. I focus on my whole body, not individual parts. Life is so much easier! And I want the same for you. I mean, you are facing enough challenges every day, right? You must be strong to beat the odds. I can’t just write – Accept yourself! It’s not going to work. To break through the high and thick wall of your insecurities, I need something special.

I want you to forget about your physicall body. Big hips, small thighs, thick calves, big breasts, small waistline, big feet, short neck. Forget about it! I prepared you two leading questions from which we start.

💪 What can your body?

💪 What gives you your body?

I want you to focus on all the possibilities that your body gives you.

Tell me about the power of your body

Is your body is healthy?

Does your body allow you to do sports?

Does your body allow you to travel and see the world?

Does your body allow you to dance?

Does your body allow you to enjoy good food?

Does your body allow you to build relationships?

Does your body allow you to work?

Does your body allow you to experience emotions?

Does your body allow you to make mistakes?

The more ideas, the better! The point is for you to see that your body is your happiness! It gives you strength, it gives you opportunities, it gives you freedom! Write them down on your phone, on your hands. Anywhere visible in times of weakness. You can even write it on the mirror if you feel like it. Be creative! Let’s go with the flow of positive thinking. It’s time for task number two. I want you to ask this question in writing as well.

When’s the last time you felt like a woman?

Recall as much details as possible. Everything is important! In what place in life you were, what made you feel good, what it feels like? Go back to that situation and remember it again. Isn’t that a nice feeling? 🤗 When you’re safe with yourself and your well-being makes you look differently at yourself and the environment.

You have the power to change any thought in your brain. You can make the grief, pain, and embarrassment unimportant. Let me give you an example. Let’s say that a painful comment caused you a lack of self-confidence for years. One thought can reverse it. Your body is your strength! Either you’ll try or you’ll use yourself up living with this shame.

I know how hard it is to talk about it. There are not enough discussions or public speaking about self-acceptance and self-worth. Please remember that you’re not alone! I am here for you!

I’m curious about your experiences and your point of view. How are you handling the criticism and the feeling of guilt and shame? Use the comments section below and share your thoughts. Let’s talk about things that matter the most. 😍 We want the best for each other! Oh, btw – don’t forget to share the link with your girlfriends. Girl power!

Powered by love,

Magda Netkowska
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