What is color analysis and why do I need it????

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What is color analysis and why do I need it????

I am finally starting with a long-announced series of posts dedicated to colors. But I warn you. I can talk about colors for hours! A few things in my life push me forward, and colors are one of them. If not the fact that I experienced the power of colors myself, I wouldn’t have the courage to talk about colors so openly and honestly. Thanks to colors, I’ve always aroused attention and interest. I wasn’t aware of it, but that’s a different story. 🤣


Maybe we’ll start from the beginning and I tell you how my adventure with color began?


When I was 5, we moved for the first time. I was so small that I can hardly remember. Unfortunately, it was just the beginning. We moved often and that’s probably why – unknowingly – I began to encourage myself through colors. I have always been colorful and aroused great interest. Even though I was a victim of my own fashion choices, I created extremely colorful outfits. I remember, for example, a fuchsia shirt with a sequin sign “Buffalo”, which I loved to style with a pink check skirt. There was more of it! And although my style had no composition, I sent a clear message to the world – I am brave.


The older I was, the more trust and curiosity I generated. I was visible and it was enough to encourage people to open up. When I went to therapy, my psychologist discovered that I express emotions through colors – let me remind you that I didn’t experience emotions until I was 33 – I also met a man who made me realize that I experience synesthesia. What does it mean? It means that when I hear music, I see colors. When I connect with another person, I see colors. I always thought it’s normal. I had no idea that it’s something extraordinary. When you see colors in taste, sound, and character, you believe that this is a natural state of being.


When I realized that my sensitivity to colors is a phenomenon, I decided to share it.


That’s how I found the Italian Image Institute that works with color analysis. I ordered my color analysis kit from there and began to learn about colors. It was like a “Perfect Match” on tinder. Seriously! The knowledge came to me so easily like never before. As I learned more about color analysis technic, I decided to skip the seasons and focus only on individual colors that are more valuable.


And I’ve never been so sure about anything in my life.


What is color analysis?


During color analysis, you can see how each color resonates with your natural beauty. I use 48 colors that are popular in the fashion industry. I’m only looking for the ones that bring out the best qualities for each beauty type. Colors act like makeup or filters on our phones. Literally! If you wear your colors close to your face, your beauty is highlighted. Your confidence increases and your self-being improves by 180 degrees. You also send a clear signal to your surroundings – Here I am. 😍


As soon as I discover your colors, I introduce them to your life. After color analysis, we talk about your feelings and then I take you to the world of colors and their meanings. I explain how to use colors from your palette and what you can achieve by conscious color choices. You get the instructions to start working with colors yourself.


Color Analysis photo


The color analysis that I perform is a paid service. It allows me to grow and invest in a business that is my life project. I offer personal color analysis or color analysis based on your photos. It is easy for me because colors are my whole life. I put my heart, knowledge, and time into it. Even with the help of a computer program, I can catch the changes that bring each color. Here you will find more information: https://magdanetkowska.com/en/colorme/


If for some reason you don’t feel like you want to pay for it, I have an alternative option for you. You can make in by yourself. I recommend gathering a group of friends because together it will be easier for you to see the changes and differences. Two heads are better than one, right? All you need to do is bring clothes in different colors that you can compare them with each other. Just remember to meet during the day and make sure you wash off your makeup beforehand.

Life after color analysis. 


Your color palette is your superpower. All the colors that you wear close to your face are like professional make-up, which means that your face has all the benefits of its beauty underlined. Am I exaggerating? I don’t think so. Make-up is also about using the right colors. That’s why I will be repeating like a mantra that colors can boost your self-confidence immediately. You know your colors and know when to use them. Color analysis is just the beginning of a beautiful adventure full of colors.


Perhaps you may struggle a bit at the beginning. If you are just starting your adventure with colors, you need time to learn. You can start with the accessories that you smuggle into everyday stylizations. Once you gain confidence, you invest in a wardrobe that meets your needs, beauty type, and colors. You make decisions based on your needs and knowledge, not a coincidence.


Knowing the colors that go well with your beauty, you don’t waste time shopping. You have an extra filter, which saves your time and money. How? You know what you are looking for! In case if you’re not sure of the color, keep the receipt. Sometimes the color seems different in the store. Make sure you take the receipt with you.


When you know your colors, you can consciously build outfits. You choose colors that will suit your needs. If you want to look professional and focus on the interest of others, then you will reach for your shade of blue. Add accessories in an orange that calls into action. Remember that each color has its meaning. Imagine a situation where you go on a date and want to make a huge impression. You choose your beloved dark chocolate shirt because you always feel good in it. A great choice! But requires further action. Brown is a friendly color that helps ground and connects with your core. Brown triggers a feeling of stability, comfort, and safety. It won’t help you make an impression unless you add red color to your outfit – use a lipstick, earrings, or a necklace in red. You will add passion and desire into your look.


Fact: We perceive colors beyond our consciousness. Each color evokes a certain emotion in another person. It’s good to consciously choose colors and control the impression you make on others.


Imagine another situation. You’re getting ready for a business meeting with your potential client. You choose to wear your favorite blazer in a bold red color. Your favorite! The problem is that if you wear it, you will make the wrong impression – not a business-like impression. You can accidentally send a completely different message than the strictly business one – especially if the meeting is just the two of you. That’s the power of color, and by paying attention to what you wear, you do yourself a favor. As long as you don’t control the signals you send, you may face situations that don’t meet your expectations – due to the incorrect information you send. And no, I’m not exaggerating. Just because you don’t pay attention to it doesn’t mean it’s not true.


I wish I could make a coffee, sit next to you, and have a deep conversation about colors. Unfortunately, it’s not possible. What is possible is to answer your questions virtually. Go to the comments section below and leave your question right now. 🙂 Maybe you prefer to send me an email? Whatever makes you happy.


Thank you for being here, reading, and supporting my work. You’re the best!


Powered by love,



P.S. Today I used a photo from an artist Alexandr Ivanov.

Magda Netkowska
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