Color me – color analysis

I wear head to toe black.

How can I accent my eyes?

Which colors are the right for me?

Why my friends often ask am I sick?

Sometimes I feel like I’m invisible to the world…

Sounds familiar? Color is everywhere. Color matters. Properly selected, it can wonderfully influence how you look. Unfortunately, it also works the other way around. The wrong colors can make you look ill, tired, and older. Do you still think color doesn’t matter?

Color expresses emotions and builds an atmosphere. It has its shades that blend naturally. None of us are born with freedom and certainty of colors. It’s a skill that you acquire. You have a natural gift – your intuition that tells you the right colors. Unfortunately, fear often drowns out the voice of intuition and has a direct impact on your choices. You’re scared because you think you don’t know enough about colors.

Your beauty – the color of hair, eyes, skin, lips, and eyebrows – creates a unique color palette that you can beautifully highlight and complement or completely blur and overwhelm. Color analysis helps you find colors that positively affect your beauty.

What’s waiting for you inside color analysis?

Your true colors – a PDF of colors that are complementing your beauty.

Colors to avoid – a PDF of colors that aren’t recommended for your beauty.

Confidence upgrade – when you’re in tune with colors, you feel more energized and confident.

Stereotypes detox – get clear with stereotypes and blockes that were stopping you from empowering yourself.

Mixing colors guide – get clear about how to put colors together.

Perhaps you think you’re doing great without color analysis. I thought so too! Color analysis made me realize that I wasn’t wearing colors that are making me beautiful! It turned out that my color wheel was very limited. Color analysis opens the eyes and answers the biggest questions of all – which colors to wear? How to look beautiful effortlessly?

I make color analysis based on 3 photos of your face. Each photo must be taken in daylight and no makeup. Don’t worry, you can take them with your phone. I’ll email you my specific requirements for the pictures.

The cost of color analysis is PLN 300 (75 ) and includes analysis and online session where we discuss the results.

In case there are more women interested, there is a possibility of personal color analysis. I will show up with my magic kit to the address indicated. A single session takes around 60 min.

Curious! Send me a short message and I’ll get back to you. 🙂

Ready to shine?