Everything is rosy! Can you trust pink and style it with confidence?

Everything is rosy! Can you trust pink and style it with confidence?

I’ve so much to say, and I don’t know where to start! A bit like I was supposed to laugh and cry at once. I feel that there have been so many stereotypes around pink that I want to unravel what we think. Let me ask you one thing before I start. Read this post to the end and click active links below.🙃 If you want to exclude this color from your list, be aware of what you’re rejecting.

Pink is a very important color for Women. It’s not dedicated to little girls as we seem to think and perceive it. Pink is the color of love ❤️ that you have for yourself, for others, and for the nature that surrounds you. It’s also a symbol of femininity. So love and femininity – two strong symbols that manifest themselves in different shades. Color, whose properties have a positive effect on all aspects of your life, because it helps you to feel compassion for situations that are happening around you. Empathy, love, femininity. Three strong pillars that make you want to have pink close to you and build a relationship with it as an adult woman. Consciously and on your terms, not on the patterns that adults have pressed into you. That’s not all! Here’s more about the pink color: 

  • the color of selflessness 
  • expresses readiness to love unconditionally, don’t confuse with naivete
  • helps to open up to people that have difficulties with confidence 
  • increases empathy, which helps to discover more things around you 
  • influences your decisions, brings you closer to your heart 
  • color of kindness and compassion 
  • color of patience and forbearance, so you can accept things as they are
  • color of intuition
  • brings warmness and comfort into your life
  • positive color that helps you be optimistic 

Since we love kids wearing pink for whom we want the best in the world, why do we pretend like it doesn’t exist for us?

I agree that pink can bring back your childhood memories, but that does not mean that it is only suitable for children. Yes, if you wear head to toe pink, you may be taken as a person who seeks acceptance and validation from others. Some may think you’re childish. However, this only happens when you overdose pink. Why should you give away love, kindness, and empathy? We need these emotions more than ever! You and me, me and you. The more you open up to people, the more beautiful moments you’ll experience.

The color pink supports the fight against breast cancer. The pink ribbon is an official sign of the organizations, people, and companies that work to fight breast cancer. Now, let’s take a short break to emphasize the importance of the breast exam. Women should have a mammogram or breast ultrasound at least once a year. Regular examination increases the chances of recovery. ❤️ Ok, now we can come back to PINK! I’ve prepared for you a list of the most popular shades that most often appear in fashion collections. 😊

Darker shades are more sensual, predatory, and feminine. Light, pastel, and powder shades express empathy and warmth. Which shade of pink appeals to you the most? If you don’t know how to mix pink, or you don’t feel convinced enough, I have something that will help you. I created a Pinterest mood board with different variations of the color pink. There is no color with which pink would look bad. Of course, not every outfit will speak to you, but if I want to inspire you, I have to show something that is out of your comfort zone.

Speaking of pink, I want to mention the pink quartz stone, which is also called the love stone. It radiates tenderness and femininity. It brings you closer to yourself and others and also has a soothing effect on your well-being. Rose quartz energy lets you see the intentions of others. You can get rose quartz in its natural form – cut or uncut stone. You can also find beautiful jewelry with rose quartz. Sometimes it’s also used during meditation practice to produce energy that reaches your heart.

If you want to open yourself to love, you want to accept who you are, and you are ready to see the great things in your life, pink will help you! I know that you experience different situations and emotional states in your life that you have to accept. Each experience carries a personal lesson that can help you find more truth within yourself. It’s the same with colors. Give yourself time, see where you are in life right now, and allow colors to help you and guide you towards yourself.

Colors are there waiting for you. Don’t worry, they are very patient! 

Next week will be exciting too! I will take you on the journey through violet and purple colors. I know, you just can’t wait, right? It’s gonna be very chic and stylish… I shall leave you with your pink thoughts. Not always pink glasses are necessary to see the world a better place. Thank you for being here. My thoughts are with you. 🙏 You’re truly wonderful. 

Powered by love,


P.S. Today’s photo (the pink lips) was made by Ian Dooley – sadswim.com

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