Hot in here! Everything you want to know about RED.

Magda siedząca na fotelu biurowym owinięta świątecznymi lampkami z nogami na biurku

Hot in here! Everything you want to know about RED.

I got your back – whispered red and shut the door of insecurity and fear. I can sum up the red color in these four words. Why? It is the most energetic color that instantly builds up internal strength and self-esteem. Not only that, its energy is strong enough to manipulate others when making decisions! 

Red is one of my favorite colors. I’ve always had a weakness not only for red lipsticks but also for dresses. I currently have 5, but I wear them all! I admit that for many years I did not quite understand the strength of red and used it a little against myself. I wasn’t ready for the interest I raised thanks to the red eyeglass frames that covered half my face. People were approaching me all the time. I don’t want you to have similar dilemmas, so I will do my best to cover the entire subject. 😍

The power of red is that it immediately encourages action and triggers instincts in us, which we sometimes forget. We react immediately because it raises blood pressure, increases heart rate, and increases body temperature. The blushes on the face appear suddenly in a situation where you feel ashamed or nervous. The red color also appears when you are excited and turned on. Simply put, a bomb! We’re doomed to the red color!❤️ My dear, I must emphasize that it is about physical, not spiritual love. Pink is the color of romantic and unconditional love. Red is responsible for sexual love, although our hearts are red. And here is the full symbolism, psychology, and energy of red:

  • associated with power
  • the most dynamic color
  • stimulates your needs
  • symbolizes ambitious and leadership skills
  • symbolizes courage
  • is so visible that highlight your presence 
  • people who wear red are more attractive
  • stimulates inner passions
  • it provokes
  • means a willingness to take action
  • doesn’t like boredom and is opposite of patiency 

Root chakra – the first energy point in our body is red. It provides the energy necessary for further development and expansion. It also has a protective function and is responsible for sexual identity. The root chakra builds the ground on which we lay our lives. It is strongly associated with a sense of safety and survival.

I want you to realize one important thing – red is dynamite. Wear red in situations when you need strength and support from outside when you want to make a huge impression or when you want to emphasize your power and determination – when you want to be seen in the middle of the crowd. When you are ready for physical contact. Red lipstick is not an innocent touch on the lips, but a strong story that speaks even when no word comes out of your mouth.

Keep red close to you. Let it always be at hand. Your secret weapon. Your secret. Relax, I won’t tell anyone. 😉 Remember that you’re safe here. You can choose from several beautiful shades of red, which appear in the fashion collections each season. The bottom line is to find a shade that complements your beauty. Intense shades of red can overwhelm and take control of your natural palette.

shades of red

I am curious, which shade speaks to you most. Maybe you already had one? Don’t forget to write a comment below and let me know! In case if you need extra support, I got your back. I created a special mood board for the red color. I found the most interesting, original, and colorful outfits to inspire you. I put outfits with many bold and vivid colors together with monochromatic outfits – use one color in different shades. Mixing colors is not so hard as you think. Ready? Just click here and enjoy! Oh, just do not forget to come back to me! 


Magda sitting on a chair wearind red body

Take control of your red lipstick today. Not for anyone, just for you. Since we’ve explained the most important things related to red, I can only wish you fantastic fun! Let yourself be seduced by red and feel the power, energy, and boost of confidence. And remember – always for yourself. Never for someone else.

I can not thank you enough for being here. I am honored to bo on this journey with you. See you next week!

Powered by love,


Magda Netkowska
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