How to bring balance to your wardrobe? Grab the green color! Everything you want to know about green.

Magda wearing a green dress

How to bring balance to your wardrobe? Grab the green color! Everything you want to know about green.

Christmas is coming! Wherever I look, I see the Christmas tree, so I got inspired! My blog is turning green today. 🌲🌴🌵🌴 I decided to introduce you to the world of green. I am very excited to talk about green – as always – as it’s the good and the bad cop at the same time!🙃 Green symbolism includes harmony and balance, but also greed. Green is the color of money and money rules the world. Fortunately, here I set the rules in the name of three principles – honesty, respect, and understanding.


Green is the second – next to brown – color that is most common in nature. It is associated with spring, blooming, green and fragrant grass. Green is the color of the heart chakra that is at the center of our body. Therefore is associated with harmony and balance. The heart chakra is the bridge between the heart and the mind and brings together the thoughts and emotions. It’s not the end! Here is the psychology and symbolism of green:

  • is the symbol of  balance between the thoughts and emotions
  • is the symbol of self-love
  • is the symbol of transformation
  • takes away any stress or tension in the body
  • means that you are a good listener who’s open for a dialogue
  • means impartiality and the ability to find a compromise
  • is the symbol of strong empathy
  • is the symbol of a great host
  • is the symbol of growth and personal development
  • is the color of justice
  • means full acceptance of another person
  • means optimism
  • is the symbol of greed

Green brings emotional balance and calm. It’s the strongest message of this color, which brings the therapeutic sense of forest and nature. It is also irreplaceable support when it comes to your relationship with others. Thanks to its strong symbolism, it helps to open another person and create an atmosphere of relaxation, security, and respect. Green prevents symptoms of anxiety, aggression, and anger because it slows down the rapid heart rate and relaxes the chest. This color will help you in critical situations when you’ll be nervous and stressed – will never let you down. Also, it will bring a breath of freshness to your style. Even a small accent will work – a pair of earrings, a necklace, a scarf or a whole outfit – a jumpsuit, a dress, a suite.

As always, there is a special Pinterest board waiting for you. I put together over a hundred outfits in green. Amazing source of inspiration. Just click HERE and see for yourself. 

Dark and grayish shades of green – teal, forest green, army, olive, pain, moss are perfect as a neutral choice for your wardrobe. You can easily mix them with stronger and more vibrant colors. Fresh, intense, and full of life shades – emerald green, lime, jade, neon green – will work great as a strong styling accent that will balance the look despite the intensity. I put together the shades that most often appear in fashion. You can easily find these combinations in most collections of popular brands.

Shades of the green color

I would love to know which shade speaks to you the most! I highly recommend to try on each shade and see how it works with your beauty type. Especially lime – in my personal opinion – is a color that we do not appreciate enough. 🥰 Try, and you won’t regret it! And it is time for a little surprise. The memory from 2012, when I purchased a beautiful green coat from the United Colors of Bennetton. I spent a fortune on it, but I just had to have it. He was with me for over five years, for good and for bad. Every time I was wearing it, people were looking and smiling. I got so many nice compliments! This photo was taken by Gosia Michalak – a photographer who in 2012 ran a fashion column about fashion in 3city.

Magda wearing a green coat

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And now time for my Christmas wishes for you. Straight from my heart to your heart.

My dear,

For what is coming this Christmas, I wish you healthy egoism that will help you not feel guilty for taking time for yourself. Make this Christmas the most delicious one without feeling guilty. Have meaningful conversations with your loved ones, so you would feel heard and be able to listen. You have three days, only and so much. It’s only up to you what you’ll make out of it. Let love be with you this Christmas.

Powered by love,



Magda Netkowska
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