How to stop wearing black and bring your style to the next level!

how to stop wearing black

How to stop wearing black and bring your style to the next level!


The end of the year is approaching at an average accelerated pace. It’s the perfect time to think, make conclusions, and make decisions that will help us jump on the level of living we secretly want. I used to think that New Year’s resolutions are worthless actions. Now I know that every time I think about myself, I win. Focusing your strength, power, energy, time, and money on something that doesn’t serve you is illogical. Wearing head to toe black is illogical. Ready for more?


A few words about black color.

As a color expert, I know that colors have a direct impact on your well-being and how others perceive you. Colors affect the state of mind, evoke emotions, and enhance the natural advantages or disadvantages of beauty. Because we are not born with the awareness of what is best for us, we use solutions that have already been tested and are widely known. And this is what happens with black. Black clothes are everywhere. Most of the global brands are releasing collections full of black clothing. Black has been recognized as a universal color that works on most occasions. Black is the most common color in our wardrobes – with a few exceptions.


And what is the truth?

I’ll start by saying that no one pays me for telling the truth about black. 😂 I know colors, I see and experience the difference of which you may not know. We don’t study color psychology at school. We also don’t read books about colors, because this is not knowledge that we consider useful. I am glad that I set up this blog so I can change the way you think, feel, and experience colors.


Black stands at the end of the color chain. It’s simple to fill in your wardrobe with black clothes. It’s uncomplicated to combine black with other colors. Black clothes can be found in every size and cut. It is an easy choice. But does easy mean the best? NO! Each color has its symbolism, which we read unconsciously. And so black:

  • hide feelings
  • prevents two-way communication
  • relates to hidden and unknown
  • is unfriendly
  • is intimidating
  • is unapproachable
  • is mysterious – this works both ways
  • creates fear in the process

Black color does not provide you with conditions that help build relationships and bonding. If you wear head to toe black, you lose connections. Others feel the distance and are blocked. Black doesn’t allow others to discover you because you create a barrier between the world and yourself. Moreover, black overwhelms your natural beauty – unless you represent beauty type that has black in its palette. I know that many women think he is elegant, sophisticated, and confident. Meanwhile, black is strong, heavy, formal, and mysterious.


What I’m trying to say here is that black color isn’t the best solution for you and your wardrobe. Unless you mix it with other colors, which take away the heaviness of black. If you are one of the women who always wear black, I want you to ask yourself a simple question – Why? There is always a story behind black color like fear and uncertainty. What is the reason why you wear the color that blocks your potential and openness to people? What causes you discomfort?


I see a better alternative, just come with me. 🤗

Black vs Indigo photo

Indigo color is a fantastic alternative to black. Indigo brilliantly complements other colors and is much better for your beauty. Indigo doesn’t wash out cour natural colors. It doesn’t make you look older, sick, or tired. Indigo is a universal color that will not disappoint you on any occasion! And at the same time, it is available – you will find every piece of clothing in this color. Here’s what brings to mind:

  • brings people together
  • the color of intuition
  • the color of rituals
  • symbol of knowledge
  • symbol of justice
  • symbol of awareness
  • helps to concentrate
  • expresses gratitude 
  • stimulates artistic creativity


With one color you can change the intention, energy, and trust that you have for others. This one switch will build the structure and symbolism that is useful in every area of life. Indigo is a grateful color and if you add it to your life, you will see benefits very soon. First of all, it will allow others to get closer to you, and that’s a huge step forward. I created a special board where I put together black and indigo – the difference is huge! Enough of writing, you have to see it

What do you think????? Can you see the difference I was writing about?

I work in your best interest. Your time, energy, dedication, and emotions really matters!

The sooner I can convince you to change, the better for you. Black only makes sense in the company of other colors. Indigo can stay tall alone. Try and find out for yourself. I guarantee a big fat twist in your life. Start with this one change – instead of reaching for black, wake up your curiosity and grab for indigo. I know you can! And I’m sure that everyone will see the difference! You will feel closer to the people. You will be better understood, and your style will jump to the next level.


Remember that you have an alternative! I support you and the changes you are preparing for yourself in 2020. Do what you feel – how you want and when you want. I am your guide, but you make the decisions. You set the pace. I provide you information and techniques that you can apply along the way. And I am honored to be your guide through colors. ❤


Replace black with indigo, and I guarantee you will feel the difference!



I wonder, how much black is in your closet?  When do you reach out to black clothes? Use the comments section below to reach out. I look forward to hearing your story. In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful week. I hug you to the moon and back!!!!



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