How to wear brown? Brown-ie your style and add flavor to your wardrobe.

zdjęcie zakochaj się w brązowym

How to wear brown? Brown-ie your style and add flavor to your wardrobe.

Let me get this straight. What does brown mean to you? Unfortunately, many of us associate brown primarily with poop and treat brown like shit. Yes, I wrote it! And I want to stand up for this poor brown color. It has properties that help build a positive image at work and in private life. Today, I will tell you about the meaning of the brown color and will show you shades and its potential when it comes to style.



The brown color in nature ( I won’t talk about poop, I promise!😂) is next to green the most common color. One would assume that it will be an equally natural choice in everyday life. It has been scientifically proven that we reach out and surround ourselves with familiar things. We come across brown with every step we take – wooden parquets are popular all over the world. And food! Who doesn’t like chocolate?! We couldn’t live without cacao. Also coffee, cinnamon, nuts, caramel or mushrooms. Deliciousness! All in brown variations. Give the brown color a chance because your wardrobe can be just as tasty.

Of course, I don’t want anyone to try to crunch you. Sweet peaches, where do I get these jokes from today 😂? I want you to open up to another perfect color that can be your neutral. So let me start with the deep meaning and symbolism of brown. The psychological aspects of this color are:

  • sense of stability and down-to-earth feeling
  • friendliness and support
  • loyalty
  • comfort
  • simplicity – quality above all
  • honesty
  • genuine character


It practically means that if you choose the color brown, then you get a credit of trust and a chance to build strong bonds. You send a signal that you can listen without judgment. You make others feel comfortable with you because you are giving them a sense of security that they know from nature. And you allow yourself to shine! The color brown is the best choice for our Slavic beauty type.  This is just a little foretaste of what I created for you on my Pinterest board. 😍

Pinterest mood board with brown outfits

Brown looks amazing when you mix it with other brownies. You can also put it together with other colors and look equally good. Brown likes soft and gentle colors as much as strong, bold, and intense colors. Here are the most interesting outfits that represent strong and powerful Brown – your secret weapon.

The name of my board is not accidental. I believe that brown in the wardrobe is a secret weapon that can bring a lot of good. Where do you get that confidence? Because it doesn’t attract attention – it’s not flashy – but it makes people want to listen to you, respect your opinion, and feel a bond, even if they don’t know you well. Brown means that you know what you are doing and can find a solution in every situation – if you get the support.

You can choose from a variety of shades. I’m sure you will find at least one that will catch your eye. Write in the comments section below, which shade speaks to you the most.


Shades of the brown color

Light shades are great for t-shirts and shirts, and dark for jackets, pants, skirts, sweaters, and coats. As the Pinterest board shows, each of these shades is in fashion. Perhaps it has a different name – this is the most common problem when shopping online when the color is wrongly named – so always be guided by the properties of color – saturation, value, and clarity – and not its name.

If you haven’t read my previous post about colors, I encourage you to read it now. It will help you choose your shade of brown without leaving your home

Ready to bring nature, quality, and truth into your style?

If you like what you see, start experimenting! There is nothing worse than fear. Don’t be afraid of colors. Treat them with curiosity and look at how they work with your nature. There must be a reason why nature loves brown. I hope you will fall in love too! And don’t forget to leave a comment below. I am curious if I managed to arouse your curiosity enough to convince you to reach for brown shortly.


Let 2020 begin your adventure with the brown color. I bow to that! Hugs and kisses my dear. 

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Magda Netkowska
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