Love. It’s time to fall in love with yourself. ❤

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Love. It’s time to fall in love with yourself. ❤

I’m crazy about love! 😉 I witness, I receive, and I give love. Yeap, I’m still single! The love I describe isn’t related to your marital status. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a single, girlfriend, or wife. Today it will be about love that depends only on you. It will be about loving yourself. This love is the most important because everything starts from there.

I think it’s time for me to share my path to self-love and self-discovery. I want to share the experiences that I gathered in the last year of intensive work with myself. Why? I know that my honesty can help many people. Each of us goes through a stage of our lives in which we face dilemmas and skip logs under our feet to live our own lives. And love whoever she wants and however she feels! Let my experience live my life, inspire, help, and encourage me. You’re never alone. Feel the music from your soul. Here’s my song. 🙂

My path started with a broken heart. My last relationship ended a year ago. I suffered like never before because the longing was painful. I felt sorrow. I didn’t understand what was going on inside of me, so I wasn’t trying to comfort me at all costs. I gave myself time. I burst into tears when I felt the need. I wasn’t answering any question that was crossing my line. I felt pain, fear, longing, but I did nothing about it. Instead of looking for someone to blame, I focused on the present moment. I waited.

Lesson: if you allow yourself to feel negative emotions, they will go away instead of accumulating negative energy.

When the worst moment came over, it was time to gather my thoughts. I asked myself one question: what key lesson should I learn from that? Because of my therapy, I knew which questions and answers I must seek within me to dive into the core of a problem. I wrote letters to myself, to him, from my perspective, his perspective, and then to a third person to gain distance. I organized my thoughts when I came across a podcast with Michele Paradise. She touched on the topic of relationships and mistakes that we most often make when choosing life partners. Boom! I solved another puzzle.

I found the answer to my question – I wasn’t in love with myself!!!!!! So what now? How can you find love???? How can you learn love???? How can I feel love???? Where should I start? I associated love with fear and anxiety all my life. I couldn’t build a relationship with myself, so I was desperately searching for love in others. I dreamed of being loved without knowing how it feels. Houston, we have a problem!

What a shocking discovery! However, at this point, I felt that I must do whatever I can to feel love. And somehow I knew, it will take time. My intuition was encouraging me to dive deep within myself. I stopped being afraid and started going on dates again. I wasn’t looking for a relationship. I wanted to get to know myself instead. I focused on feeling. I didn’t care will anyone like me. For as long as I can remember, I was pressed to think that a woman needs a man, that family is the most important. But what does my heart want? I began to question everything I thought so far.

Lesson: when you feel overwhelmed, you’re moving on, getting rid of the belief that was never yours. 

I realized that I was assessing my opinions based on other people’s values. Who am I to judge? Why I always have the plan ready in my head instead of experiencing it? The questions were endless! By questioning my thoughts, I began to notice my awkwardness. I set new directions for searching. I was becoming more open to my needs and didn’t need to seek the approval of others. I was going in the right direction. 

The moment I gave up control, unlocked energy within myself. I enjoyed new experiences more boldly. I began to practice yoga more closely and noticed the uncomfortable positions that made me angry and frustrated. Noticing my emotional blocks was quite a discovery! I found blockages in the muscles of the arms, legs, and back, and following the home yoga teacher Adriene, I began to be kind to my body. I stopped focusing on things that I can’t do and I started to appreciate directions that my body was giving me. Another step forward. 

Lesson: At Home yoga practice allows you to be alone with your thoughts, weaknesses, and discover what is inside you.

My yoga practice transformed my meditation routine. I gained the confidence to follow my body. I began to talk during meditation or move my body in directions that intuition suggests. At this point, I tried to create a vision of the future for myself, but my thoughts were incoherent and chaotic. Why can’t I dream without guilt, fear, and anxiety? And it all began again… Searching for stereotypes and blockades that prevented me from moving forward: “in life, you have to work hard, money is a safeguard for the future, you need to know what you want, never step out, don’t risk, be careful.” I had so many blocks! And they all sabotaged my actions. I wasn’t feeling good enough for big dreams.

And then I happened upon Christie Sheldon. Thanks to her, I cleaned my blocks and grounded myself within even more. My meditation practice changed dramatically. I was able to visualize my life as a movie! Visible characters, taste, smell, sound effects. Everything you need to imagine a situation that never took place. I remember this one particular meditation: I was on the beach, I felt the wind, sun, and ocean breeze on my skin. I felt joy, peace, happiness that was not dependent on the other person. I discovered America.

Lesson: Only you can make yourself happy.

What a great discovery! 🙌 Of course, I knew that one should not blame another person for my happiness, but I couldn’t put it into practice. Until now, I’ve always waited for a partner to let me be happy and help me discover myself. I was never good enough in my own eyes. In my mind, I dreamed that he would make a move for me, giving them the power to rule my life. Meanwhile, it turned out that I have enormous potential! Suddenly I realized I can do more than I ever thought. Money and experience have never been a real obstacle. Those were the excuses that kept me safe in my comfort zone.

I was almost home. I felt that I was starting to create a strong bond with myself, which is the foundation for my development. But it wasn’t over yet. My heart and intuition told me that I have not reached my full potential yet, and it is not time to stop searching. I felt something big was waiting for me that would turn my whole life upside down. 🤔 I went on a two-day meditation trip, where I meditated in a group of 250 people. I intended to come out of the shadow. I ever wrote it down on a piece of paper just before we started meditation. And you know what? On the second day of meditation, I felt my heart. I connected to my heart, feeling compassion, love, surrender, and unity. For the first time in my life, I felt LOVE for myself and my body. ❤️

Lesson: You are everything and nothing, everyone and no one, everywhere and nowhere. Love, compassion, and forgiveness are your key to fulfillment in life. These emotions will help you unlock the superpower that was always within you.

So I’ve decided to share my story to show you that it’s never an easy thing! Unlocking your highest potential is not an easy path full of excitement and great adventures. You experience upside downs, and you want to quit so many times! Love didn’t knock on my door with flowers and a chocolate box. Love didn’t come by post or Tinder app (I have nothing against Tinder!). Love became my obsession. I clung to everything that seemed sensible to me to find love. I took action, I was consistent, and despite my fear, I did not return to old habits. If at this stage of your life, you feel that you are MORE, you want MORE, but you have no idea what it means, you have just started your journey. The path you have to overcome will bring you closer to yourself. I guarantee you that you will discover a treasure, yourself. 😍

I’m not saying that my actions will help everyone. They prove that despite your situation, you can always find some alternative to focus. You can always find the right people who will guide you towards your goal. Just make a move! Try, observe, experience, and if something goes wrong, take a step back and start again. Don’t expect that someone will do the work for you. Don’t ever doubt your intuition! Don’t play small when you deserve more.

1. Reject belief, stereotypes, and blocks that were never yours.
2. Begin to question everything you thing you know about life.
3. Be curious.
4. Remove all doubt.
5. Stop explaining yourself.

The greatest gift you can give yourself and the loved once is your freedom and happiness. I’m rooting for you, and I thank you for being here from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for allowing me to share the story with you. I shall see you next week! At the same place, at the same time.

Powered by love,


Magda Netkowska
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