a woman in a car

I am a Woman

I see you. And I am happy that you are. I bet you take great care of family and friends.  You are support for anyone who asks for it. You solve problems that often seem unsolvable. What about your needs? Do you dedicate time to yourself? Do you nurture your femininity? Is your style representing your personality? 

There is no more important relatinship than the one you have with yourself. Finally, it’s time for you!

I created the I am a Woman package especially for you – you want to find the woman within you and understand your needs. It’s time to show your power to the world! You just deserve it.


Color me

You avoid colors because you don’t feel confident? Or maybe you don’t know how to mix them? Well, you’re not alone! 2/3 of women (!!!) are struggling with the same problem. The thing is that choosing black is not the best option. Black is the heaviest and darkest color. Every color has its meaning, energy, and psychology that can help you gain confidence, send a clear message to the world, and open up for new people. 

So here is my idea…

I created the Color me package especially for you – you want to understand colors and wear them with confidence. Your color palette will light up your skin, make you look happy, refresh, and boost your self-confidence. You can learn to use colors in the right way. Ready to learn more?

Woman lying on the street covered with colors