Six facts about red lipstick that every woman should read!

Ruda uśmiechnięta kobieta w czerwonej szmince

Six facts about red lipstick that every woman should read!

Two years ago I stopped wearing makeup. Well, almost because I couldn’t say no to red lipstick. Why? Red lips were always my thing! My superpower. When I decided to get a tattoo, it was very obvious to me that it’s going to be a manifestation of female strength, red lips.

When I was writing about the red color – if you haven’t read, you will find it HERE – I realized that we are not always aware of the strength and power of this color. We often treat it as an interesting color accent, when it’s very stimulating and puts you boldly into the world. I have often witnessed awkward situations since the woman was not ready for the power of red lipstick.

For years, we have been taught that we should be sexy, feminine, and seduce with our appearance. Such an “honorable” role of a woman. And this poor red lipstick was introduced to women as must-have that will help achieve the look. Nothing more wrong! You are a wonderful woman, regardless of whether you exude sexuality and temperamental appearance. You don’t have to follow other people’s vision, because it won’t make you happy. Red lipstick is much more than just a sexy flash on your lips. It is a manifestation of female strength and power. Let’s bring the power back to red lipstick!

Before I list the facts, I want to say something important. You are wonderful and unique. I see you, and I appreciate having you as a reader. Your voice matters and you are here for something greater than yourself. That’s why I am asking you to help me change the way women treat other women. Let’s be support, inspiration, and help each other whenever we have the opportunity. When you see a woman in red lipstick, instead of thinking negatively, think positively! No woman is and will never be a competition for you.

1. Cleopatra was the first woman we know about, who loved red lipstick.

The legend goes that crushed ants and beetles were used to produce her beloved lipstick. Cleopatra is considered one of the greatest women living in antiquity. According to historians’ notes, she had extraordinary individuality and the ability to steal people’s hearts. She spoke fluent six languages, which helped her rule Egypt. She was the last Pharaoh that ruled Egypt.

2. Red lipstick from Elizabeth Arden has become a symbol of the suffragettes fighting for women’s rights.

In 1910, Elizabeth Arden opened her beauty salon called Red Door Red. She was one of the few women who owned businesses. When in 1912 the suffragettes decided to take things into their own hands and went out to the streets, protesting, Elizabeth gave them lipsticks in the iconic shade Red Door Red, which gave them strength and courage to fight. Her lipsticks were making suffragettes more visible. The Red Door Red color has survived until our days.

3. Scientific research has confirmed that red lipstick makes you look younger.

Psychologists at Gettysburg College in America have proven that red lipstick makes a woman look younger than she is. All because of the strong contrast of red with the skin, which is associated with youth. With age, the lips and eyebrows become brighter, and the skin color darkens, making the contrast less intense. When a woman is young, her skin contrasts with the lips is much stronger, creating an image of youth.

4. Women who regularly reach for red lipstick show greater confidence.

Harvard University has done research showing that women who regularly wear red lipstick are more confident and more upright than women who don’t wear makeup. The same research shows that women who wear red lipstick to work are perceived as more competent.

5. Red lipstick makes you stand in the first row, visible to everyone.

With one lipstick, you can make everyone’s eyes point towards you. Remember this when you decide on red lipstick. If you don’t want, you are not ready, or you don’t need the attention of others, then I suggest more delicate shades of pink, plum, or brown. Your perfect choice, when you want to look nice but without a strong symbolism of red lipstick.

6. Red lipstick makes you look more polished.

Yes! It’s a proven fact. Red lipstick will finish the job for you. If you don’t feel like spending hours in front of a mirror, or you feel like wearing a bunch of accidental clothes, red lipstick will save your look. Your secret weapon.

Lips wearing red lipstick

When you dress your lips in red, you don’t add femininity. You emphasize femininity! It’s not a necessary element, but a conscious choice that you take with its benefits and challenges. I suggest a small challenge, just for you. Wear red lipstick every day for at least a week. Wear it at home, when you feel safe and secure. I guarantee that within a few days, you will feel differently. I am already dying of curiosity to know your observations and conclusions!

Never wear red lipstick for someone else. You will grab attention, which you don’t need. Always set up the intention and listen to your inner voice. I hope that I dispel all doubts as to the meaning and symbolism of red lipstick. I want to see confident women who take a handful of life! I want to see women who overcome adversity in a way that is safe for them and gives them satisfaction. I want women to be present in public life supporting each other. Let’s compliment women in red lipsticks as a sign of community and female solidarity.

I never know how to thank you enough for supporting my work. I hope that my writing is beneficial to you. If we take things into our hands, we will make changes! Me and you are going to be the first. 🙂 Make sure you visit my blog next week. I am writing about the orange color – the color of female power. You don’t want to miss it, don’t you?

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