Spiritual awakening – who is my Higher SELF?



Lately, I hear: “There’s something weird in the air”, “Magda, I feel weird”, “Magda, I act not like myself“. Yes, I feel you! I know what’s going on, and I want to help you understand why the world is acting crazy (at least it seems like it). Dear souls, we are experiencing very strong and powerful energy that is supporting us in moving forward and finding our flow. People were preparing for this moment for a long time!. The changes that are going to come will change the lives of many people for good. Make yourself comfortable, and focus on the message that I have for you today. You are ready to take your curse.  ✨    


It’s time for spiritual awakening! Spiritual awakening is nothing more but living your true self. It’s the moment you realize that you create your reality. Nobody can tell you how to live if you won’t agree. It is entirely up to you how you accept the experiences that come from outside. You choose your creation. Spiritual awakening is taking you to your heart space, so that you can meet yourself as you are. You’ll understand your purpose and be on the path of your creation. You’ll get to decide which direction to go – towards self-realization or towards self-destruction (you are destroying yourself if you don’t follow your heart. It manifests itself in health and everyday life struggle).


⚡ You awaken yourself from within ⚡



Every human being has its own free will, and each person has the ability to When you understand that every human being has free will and can decide what to experience in life. Once you wake up your spirit of the explorer, you give yourself a chance to discover that under the layer of anxiety, fear, aggression, regret, resentment, there is the unconditional love that will make you fall in love with what is real to you. You also find your truth in life, which can be very different from what has been uploaded and programmed in your consciousness for all these years back.



When you experience awakening, you stop taking emotions so personally. You see them more as the signposts that take you to your stories and events from the past that need your awareness, love, and acceptance. You stop running away from yourself because you become your only source of truth and information. Suddenly you stop accepting the fears and patterns of others and question the reality that others are trying to create for you (media, gurus, politicians, etc.). You also listen to the inner voice of your soul that gives you the truth about the world and yourself. Your inner voice can be drastically different from the dialogue of the rest of the world, and that’s OK.



Make it a habit to ask yourselfWhat’s going on inside me at this moment? That question will point you in the right direction. But don’t analyze, just watch. Focus your attention within.”

Eckhart Tolle



If your life has brought you to the point where you start asking yourself questions, the time has come to know your truth. And when you manage to see yourself and your creation differently, you grow. Your health improves. You have more time for yourself. You cut off people who don’t wish you well and stop being afraid of what comes to you. Fear is our worst enemy. When you are scared, you are no longer safe. You run away from love and enter the lowest vibrations that draw even more challenges into your life.




Awakening helps you convert your fear into the energies of love, respect, and wisdom. The process is endless because your soul is programmed to grow. With every decision you make, from your own choice, is creating a story that will teach you something and show you the truth about yourself. Let’s not be afraid to live and experience life!




How? Start creating! Be creative! Allow your flow to move through you! Write poems, songs, play music, paint, cook, redecorate your space, write letters, etc. Find out what’s inside of our soul and how you can access the Higher Self. The Higher Self is a form of creation – you are, feel, experience, create. You don’t let others manipulate you. You don’t resign yourself. You don’t believe everything you read. You filter everything through yourself and find for each thing your new meaning. In every situation, you show up for yourself and let go of things that aren’t serving you. You stop being a victim and start being a creator.



Spiritual awakening is unconditional love. It won’t happen if you don’t trust yourself. Trust is the key to the heart, and the heart is the portal to experience endless love. Love is free and has no limits. The moment you understand it, will change your life forever. Nobody can love you more than you! Awakening gives you access to this love that is in harmony with the universe. 



Your soul has been gathering experiences to lead you to a place where you free yourself and start breaking down a system that was never yours. And it’s this energy of creation and the Higher Self that tries to mobilize you to make yourself at home. It’s the moment for changes! There is an acceleration of the power of surrender that we experience. You can acknowledge and locate the chaos, manipulation, and disorder that entered your life. Yeap, it’s intense so you could see your truth!




Switch off the TV. Don’t read the news. Detox yourself from social media. Observe how you feel. Are you healthy? Are you safe? Do you have a place to stay and what to eat? Can you feel your heart beating? If yes, you have all you need to see the world from the eyes of your soul. 




You may feel overwhelmed and scared of this shift that the world is going through right now. But try not to! Do whatever you can to stay present and always go back to your heart. Breath! Breath in love and breath out fear. Nothing is scary if you pour love into it. Allow the flow to come, and it will take you down to your course.


Powered by love,



  P.S. Thank you beautiful soul for being you! Sending blessings your way! Let’s support each other and connect our hearts to the Higher Self. 



Magda Netkowska
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