Sunshine your style with the orange color! Set yourself up for success with orange

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Sunshine your style with the orange color! Set yourself up for success with orange

Welcome back after a short break in the world of colors! Today I will introduce you to the orange color, and hopefully, you two become best friends. I am super excited because orange is very close to my heart. My goal for today is to share its symbolism, psychology, and superpower, to encourage you to give up stereotypical thinking. Orange can help you meet your deepest needs and desires. Sharing is caring, so here we go!🥰

I know that many of us are afraid of the orange color. While it’s easy to incorporate it into your logo or product marketing campaign, it’s harder to bring it into your style. Have you ever wondered WHY? On the one hand, we are afraid of its properties, orange is a visible and energetic color. On the other hand, we think that it is not as flattering as red. The thing is, orange has a different meaning than red and is suited to situations where emotions, aspirations, and creativity come to the game. The orange color: 

  • stimulates creativity and releases free-thinking – the perfect choice for women who create, arrange, and design
  • emboldens others and releases warm feelings. Orange connects people
  • has a positive effect on your body’s metabolism. It is the color responsible for digestion and assimilation of food
  • supports mental activity, which helps faster find the solution to the problem 
  • makes you look younger – thanks to its sunny vibrations 
  • is the color of happiness and joyfulness – lights up your face in the most flattering way 
  • directly refers to the female power and sexuality
  • represents self-control 
  • is the color of freedom

The power and strength of the message that flows from the orange color will positively affect your relationship with yourself and others. It will improve your well-being and also have a positive impact on the well-being of people around you. You will show the strengths of your personality and arouse widespread curiosity. You will get to know from the creative side, which will allow you to develop professional wings. And besides, you’ll take care of your metabolism and help your body absorb food faster.

Orange is the color of the sacral/sexual chakra located in the upper part of the sacrum. It controls sexual energy at the center of human emotions. It makes us experience pleasure and self-satisfaction. If we bring the orange color into our lives, we will increase the level of pleasure we experience.

If you miss summer and want to keep the sun rays longer, then there is no better solution! Thanks to it, you will brighten and shine your face, as well as add energy that accompanies you on a sunny day. Yes, it’s that simple! If you act on several levels – invite it into your style, add it into your interior, and on the plate, you will soon start to experience the first changes in your life. Give yourself a little sunshine.

Manifest your power with orange and blanket yourself with the sunlight! 

If you are not convinced, how to invite orange to your style, I run to the rescue! 😊 I put together more than a hundred different outfits with the orange color. Great source of inspiration! You’ll see how fun, interesting, and energetic is the orange color. Just click here and enjoy!

Have you noticed how cheerful and joyful the orange color looks like? Women wearing orange are flourishing, attract attention, but less aggressively than with red. The great thing about orange is that it radiates other colors. You can see it on my Pinterest board. All you have to do is to give orange a chance. Even if you weren’t wearing orange before, or in doubts. Trust me, trust the color, and take your style to the next level.

Magda in front of color analysis kit

I must confess that my life has changed since I added orange into my life and my style. It gave me courage when I was designing my business and didn’t know what I want. All I knew was the impression I want to make when people see my logo. I used the power of orange. It was the best decision I made.

Magda's logo

I experience its magic every time I meet new people, who are very friendly, polite, open, and honest with me. Orange attracts, builds, and merges. It encourages, brightens, and energizes. Isn’t it what you need?! Listen, all I am asking for is an open head, trust, and curiosity. Don’t force yourself to believe, but search for an impulse of joy and excitement in your heart. You can show the emotions and allow others to discover your beauty.

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Magda Netkowska
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