The ocean, the sky, and your wardrobe… The meaning of blue and how to bring it to your style!?🤔

Twarz Magdy na tle błękitnego nieba

The ocean, the sky, and your wardrobe… The meaning of blue and how to bring it to your style!?🤔

Blue is the favorite color of women and men. Yes, we have something in common.🤣Why is blue so special? It’s about the ocean and sky, the most common associations with blue, which make us like it so much. Now, what’s the real story here? Is blue a color worth having in your closet? What’s the meaning behind the blue color? Fasten your seat belt and get ready for a rough ride! 🤣 Let me take you to the world of blue.


I have to start from a small confession here. Blue is not my favorite color. I have a few pieces in my wardrobe, but my beauty type doesn’t handle blue easily. I don’t wear make-up, so I am committed to my authentic colors. It doesn’t mean that blue is a bad color! A few weeks ago I wrote about the indigo color, which is the new black. You can read it here.

I mean, look at the logos of big brands that serve people. Most of them have blue as one of their colors. Blue is useful when it comes to socializing with another human being. As a symbol of truth, durability, and creativity, it makes us trust blue more than other colors. Blue is the color of the throat chakra, which is responsible for proper communication. It gives you peace of mind when you express yourself and listen to others. The energy of blue can help find confidence, which enhances the brightness and clarity of communication with others. What else it symbolizes? Here’s the full psychology of blue: 

  • light shades relax and bring dreams – they are associated with the sky and help to feel the lightness and joy
  • dark shades symbolize intelligence and authority 
  • is the color of trust and loyalty
  • activates the brain and stimulates creativity
  • means stability and strength
  • raises a feeling of calm and reduces stress
  • is the color of intuition – the shade of indigo
  • brings harmony
  • low level of emotionality helps to calm down thoughts
  • gives a sense of security
  • helps to build lasting relationships
  • is not the color of change, but stability
  • brings an element of nostalgia
  • enables better communication between people

Jeans, the most beloved pants are blue – not only, but the classic jeans are blue. Seriously, do you know someone who doesn’t own at least one pair of jeans? The biggest advantage of wearing jeans is that you can mix them with every color of the world. Moreover, every fabric mixed with denim looks amazing. And there are no other pants that emphasize feminine shapes. You can style them casually – put them together with a jumper, a t-shirt, or an oversized blazer and Adidas. You can be more sophisticated by adding statement jewelry, a button-down shirt, and fancy shoes.

Wearing the blue color makes you more open and available to other people. Choosing blue is way better than wearing black. You don’t go out to the fore, but you create a comfortable place for discussion, conversation, strategy building, and stability. Blue won’t help you become a diva of the dance floor though. It needs another vivid color to make a strong first impression.


So is it worth investing in blue? YES, you should have it in your closet! If you change your suit from black to dark navy, navy, indigo, you will gain confidence and see a change at your workplace. Especially if you’re working with people. Blue will allow you to get closer to people and make them trust you in the beginning. Blue will help you communicate with others. Just remember that it has low emotionality and should be mixed with other colors. Too much blue harms the overall perception of this color.


A large part of the fashion collections offers clothes and accessories in shades of blue. You can choose full sets – a jumpsuit, a dress, a suit, and accessories – jewelry, shoes, handbags. If you struggle in mixing blue with other colors, I have something special for you. 😍 Here’s my new Pinterest board dedicated to the blue color. Don’t forget to come back! I’ll miss you…


Mixing colors is all about using your imagination. There is no space for fear. Nothing will happen if you make the wrong choice. Try and learn the hard way in what you look insanely good. You have a choice of several deep, intense, or light shades of blue, which I put together to let you know which color is which.

shades of blue



Can you see the difference between them? You have a dark blue sky, indigo that contains violet, sapphire, and crystal clear water. From which shade of blue are you going to start your adventure? Always take a close look at your face. Blue can strongly influence your natural palette. I would love to know your opinion about blue. Maybe you want to share a funny story, or have more questions regarding blue? Don’t hesitate to contact me directly. Meanwhile, I invite you to follow me on social media, where regualrnie inform you about things that are going on in my life.


What color was 2019 for you? 

What color are you going to make 2020?

As always, I want to thank you for sharing your time with me. I hope that my posts are helping you develop a long-lasting relationship with colors. I bow to you and your power. Together we will make it happen.



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Magda Netkowska
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