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The power of female friendships. Why women should support each other?

If I had to go to a desert island and can only take one person with me – I would choose my girlfriend. No bond has brought as much truth and goodness to my life as it is with women. Female friendship plays a key role in maintaining a healthy emotional balance and has a direct impact on how you look!

There was a time in my life when I thought that being with guys is better than hanging out with women. It was about 10 years ago when I thought I knew the recipe for life. Over the years, I learned from experience, how wonderful it is to trust and create a strong bond with my girlfriends.

The truth is that only a woman can truly understand another woman. That’s why female interactions play such an important role in life. It is the female friendship that affects your confidence – your girlfriend will tell you the truth, make you feel strong, give you a piece of advice, and allow you to talk, even if what you say doesn’t make sense – you know what I mean, right? 🙂 You can’t beat that!

Women who care for their female friendships feel more feminine and secure with their beauty. If you hang out with women who are your inspiration, you are much more willing to discover yourself and your needs. A sense of understanding and acceptance makes you feel more beautiful! And you courageously try new things more often.

But that’s not everything! Here are some scientifically proven facts about female friendship:

A study conducted by the UCLA School of Medicine found that when we’re with our girlfriends, our bodies emit the hormone oxytocin – the hormone of love, which triggers the need for closeness and strong attachment. This hormone can effectively reduce stress!

Women who cherish their female friendships live longer.

According to a study published in “Journal of Clinical Oncology”, women in early breast cancer have 4 times less chance of survival if they didn’t have strong relationships with other women. It didn’t matter whether the friends were living close or far away.

Watch this short video and come back to reading. 


I work with women and I see that the biggest lack of acceptance involves women who feel lonely and don’t have the support of other women. The greatest sense of helplessness and powerlessness accompanies women who don’t trust other women. It doesn’t have to be this way. Your fears and anxieties that you have towards the other person are a reflection of your own negative emotions.


If you crave for your femininity, if you want to feel at ease with your body, if you care about your authentic style – trust me and other women. You have abilities that can inspire other women. You have a personality that can positively affect other women. You are needed.

I respect you and your body.
I need you and your personality.
I trust you and your emotions.

I wish women would show support and understanding. I wish women would be nice to each other. I wish women would feel strong and beautiful in the company of other women. Regardless of whether in a relationship or not. Women appreciating women.

Don’t hesitate! You can start today. If you haven’t found the support of other women so far, you still have time! Perhaps there are women at work who you want to get to know better. Perhaps during lunch, you’ll meet a woman who intrigues you and you start talking. If you get pro-active, then you’ll meet with the same. Remember that it will be not only a great escape from everyday life but also the next step on your way to your own style.

I would like to take this opportunity and say thank you to all the women in my life. I received countless amounts of support, great love, and understanding from them. Regardless of where we live, we’re together. Thanks to them I have the courage to shine. I love these women in my life 🙂

Big hugs! Let the power be with you gorgeous!

Powered by love,

Magda Netkowska
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