The naked truth about the wedding dress code and the secret of a wedding outfit.

Choosing a wedding outfit is a challenge that can arouse a lot of extreme emotions. A wedding is an event that you take personally. No wonder since it’s related to a person (or people) that is important to you. In today’s post, I will share a strategy that will help you approach the topic more thoughtfully. I want your fashion choices were in tune with your needs.

It’s an appropriate time to say a few words about the wedding. It makes my blood boil when I hear that it behooves to organize a wedding and to invite family members who you’re not in touch with just to please the parents who dream that their child’s wedding will be the best event ever. Why? Because it’s no longer going to be “Your special day”! It’s not your responsibility to make others happy at your expense. One thing is the compromise made by a young couple, and one thing is to fulfill the wishes of people who aren’t involved in this event.

If you read my posts, you know that I’m fighting with the stereotype of a good girl who submits to other people’s rules. And I use the exact principle when it comes to the wedding dress code! 💃 Today I’ll take a closer look at the wedding dress code to help you make the best fashion choice! Here’s my promise to you – if you follow my stratedy, you’ll know how to choose your wedding outfit.

Let this be the moment you decide to leave whatever feels appropriate behind, ok?!

We have a weird approach to the wedding dress-code. A wedding is not an event where you’re supposed to shine. It’s the event where you celebrate love and respect, and your outfit doesn’t play the key role. Unbelievably high heels, deep neckline, and cheap dresses made of polyester that cut into the skin have nothing to do with elegance.

As a wedding guest, you have to be respectful and supportive of the bride and groom, who decided to share their special day with you. Let this be your signpost on your way to the right fashion choices. What next? I created my strategy to show you what needs to be considered before you choose the right wedding outfit.

1. Read the invitation.

Your wedding invitation should be carefully considered. The address where the wedding takes place is super important! 😁 Is it a restaurant, a wedding house, a palace, a castle, a pub, a barn, or maybe a lodge? Visit their website and try to feel the place. Look at the photos and read the story. Imagine yourself being there already. What can you do there? How does space outside look like? Someplace posh or more simple and cozy? The more detail you see, the better. 🧐

A castle, palace or manor house gives an elegant styling direction. You could easily choose a jumpsuit, suit, or evening dress with a coat. Just be careful not to go too arty. You’re not supposed to be a star there. Avoid pompous clothes and too sexy cuts. You don’t want to emphasize your body. You want to show appreciation and respect to the people at the wedding. 😉

5 wedding outfits
Outfits from

Great examples of comfort in an elegant version. There are more choices, sure! But I wanted to give you the direction in which you can go. There are so many different evening dresses, suits, and elegant shirts.

A restaurant, country cottage, pub, garden, or barn are places that give the party a more casual tone. Therefore, you can choose a less elegant outfit. The wedding dress code doesn’t mean ruffles, glitter, 11 cm high heels, and a bottle of hair spray on your hair. If the place of the wedding is casual, you can untie the tie and it will be fine. Like over here 👇

Five casual outfits
Outfits from

2. Don’t show too much skin.

A wedding is not the place where you want to provoke. Big neckline, very tight cuts, mini (which gets out of control) will not provide you the comfort of having fun. You don’t want to adjust straps now and then, hide breasts that fall out of the neckline, or pull down the dress/skirt that goes up all the time. Even if your authentic style is sexy and provocative, try to choose an outfit that will not focus on all the attention of the gathered guests.

3. Try your outfit before.

You try on new clothes that seem perfect, then put them on again and discover that something is wrong. How many times did this happen to you? Trying on clothes isn’t enough to see how they fit. Real-life begins when you put on clothes for longer and have the opportunity to test them in different conditions. The more extreme, the better. Jump, dance, and have a big meal. Your body changes after eating and you want to be sure that you’ll feel comfortable after eating.

Make sure you walk around with your new clothes and shoes and nothing falls, slides down or scratches your skin. See whether the shoes allow you to walk and dance for more than an hour. Try! Try! Try! You think you know, but you have no idea until you try.

4. Less is more.

The bride will impress herself and her future husband. It’s her day. Try to look modest and choose one statement piece that will highlight your outfit: jewellery, shoes or intense colour. And also, keep in mind that your attitude will be more important than your make up. Love and compassion will add more beauty to your look. ❤

5. Time of year makes a difference.

I know it’s hard to predict the weather, but each season brings a certain probability – heat, blizzard, rain or wind. Don’t ignore the season and don’t count on luck. Make sure you have warm outerwear and tights if the outside temperature is too low. You don’t want to suffer for a better effect – you’re not supposed to be a star. Summer dress won’t be a good choice during the wintertime. If the summer is hot, don’t show too much skin. Invest in skin-friendly fabrics like cotton, linen, silk.

6. Don’t shop last minute.

When you shop last minute, you have less chance of success and a bigger chance of stressful shopping. Start preparation shortly after getting the invitation. Block at least 2 hours every week to have time for research and shopping. Believe me, it’s so difficult to enter the first store and find the right clothes! Make time for what’s important for you.

Your presence counts the most, not your outfit. You know yourself and know what you like. Don’t force yourself to wear a dress if you don’t wear dresses. Don’t worry about what the old ladies say (sorry, but it’s true! And of course not all, but the vast majority), who see the wedding through the lens – BECAUSE IT IS APPROPRIATE and you have to show up. Not true! Leave your ego four blocks away and have fun! Immerse yourself in the atmosphere and enjoy the happiness of the newlyweds and their love.

So simple! But when it comes to action, you tend to overcomplicate your life and the decisions you make. And I want you to have fewer problems and more time for yourself! Working on yourself and your style helps you build a sense of value and self-confidence.

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