When the impossible becomes possible – your fear is OK, so stop trying to fix it!

„ The locomotive’s standing at the station,
Huge, heavy, it drips perspiration –
Oily lubrication.
It stands and wheezes, it groans and gnashes
Its boiling belly stuffed with hot ashes:
Arrrgh, what torture!
Phew, what a scorcher!
Panting and puffing!
Hissing and huffing!
It’s barely gasping, it’s barely breathing,
And still its fireman more coal keeps on heaping.(…)”



Julian Tuwim – „Locomotive”


How are you? I’m asking because the information given by the media has one goal – to influence you and me. It’s not a dialogue intended to help fully understand what is happening. You and I are supposed to blindly follow directions that are not motivated by the will to help but by the desire to separate. How to deal with all this, and not to burst with heat, as in Tuwim’s poem? Breath. Every breath is an answer because breath gives life.


When you focus your attention on the breath, you create. You stay away from the judgments and opinions of others, in harmony and unity with yourself. Breathing creates space. Infinite space and energy, as energy is all there is. Thoughts and emotions too! And that’s why it is so important not to run away from them and not be afraid of them. Trust yourself that you are in the right place and time to experience yourself to the fullest of what is happening to you.


As a human being, you are complete.


When you’re born, you’re everything you need. You grow up, observe the world, watch people, listen, and make conclusions. You begin to give your emotions a specific identity based on the reaction of others. You start looking for meaning in everything that happens to you. Until it turns out that you are further and further to your fullness, looking for fulfillment outside of yourself.


Considering that you’re everything, everything is also your emotions. Each emotion is complete and right for you. There’s no good or bad. Only your beliefs create identities for each emotion. Sure, you can classify emotions for the one you like and the one you don’t like. Unfortunately, you’ll lose the completeness and oneness of yourself. If you take away the opportunity to experience different emotions, you won’t be complete. When you allow yourself to look at your feelings again and give them a neutral meaning, you won’t have to choose.




Fear is part of you. Fear itself is not dangerous. Dangerous is the meaning and personality that you attach to fear. When you identify fear with something bad, it becomes bad. You give character and force to each emotion, including fear. If you believe that fear is blocking you, taking your space, and you should be afraid, then that’s what you’ll get. You become a victim and start looking for help outside of yourself. You assume you can’t handle it yourself. So remember, when you give fear the identity of evil, it becomes evil.


What if you could shift your perspective? There’s no problem to solve because you’re the solution to everything. How can fear be bad if it’s part of you? A wholeness and oneness… Can you understand and love fear the way it comes to you? What would happen if you would send love to your fear? By changing your belief, you are changing your emotion.


Fear is with me even longer than I remember. When I believed that fear is something I should be afraid of, I wasn’t living my life, and I wasn’t making the best choices. My belief about fear was taking me to the places I didn’t want to be. Luckily, it’s all history now. I know that if I talk to my fear and show my support, I’ll notice something that will bring me closer to myself.


Open the awareness around you and sense it. It applies to every emotion you experience. Forget about understanding. Forget about identity. Don’t look for the source outside yourself. Be present. Shift your awareness from your head to your breathing. The breath always takes you to the here and now, your natural state of being, feeling, and experiencing. There are no problems until you make one.


Every moment is the right moment to get to know yourself. Not sure where to start? Ask yourself these questions: where am I going? Who am I financially dependent on? What am I working for? These answers will help you see what in your life is right for you. Don’t be afraid of your strength!


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From my heart ❤️












Magda Netkowska
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